Stainless at Sunrise

When I was going to sleep Sunday night, I checked VIA's web site for the current position of VIA 1 and 2, the west and eastbound "Canadian" trains. They have been consistently late all winter and this spring has been no different. VIA 2 is due in at 20:45 on Sunday night, but last night it was showing an arrival time of around 06:30 or around 10 hours late. I decided to get up a bit early on this Victoria Day Monday to see if I could catch it coming in at sunrise. Eastbound trains at sunrise... nice.
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Miner acquires DFW Grating

Rail News
The acquisition further expands Miner’s broad product line, which includes draft gears, outlet gates, side bearings, brake beams, hatch covers and other railcar components.

KCS makes appointments in three departments

Michael A. Walczak now serves as vice president of mechanical, Maquiling B. Parkerson as vice president of labor relations and Adam J. Godderz as associate general counsel and corporate secretary.

Intermodal connectivity in the Western Balkans

As in most other regions, trucks reign supreme on freight transport across the Western Balkans, a region that encompasses six countries including: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia.

Running Out Of Puff

Model Railways
Being a legendary cheapskate I decided that rather than buy a whole new can of primer just to coat the new brake van, I would try to eak out what was left in an old aerosol on the shelf in my modelling den - with predictable consequences...

Graphene supercapacitor DMU fleet takes shape

Asian Rail News
The first of 13 Class 61 inter-regional diesel multiple-units for services along Malaysia’s east coast corridor has been largely completed at CRRC Zhuzhou’s plant in China.

London bus routes speed assessment

Bus Transport News
London's slowest bus revealed: Number 15 from Tower Hill to Trafalgar Square crawls at 4.9mph - slower than a mouse

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