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Location: Melbourne
Has anyone tried to run this program under Virtual PC on a mac?

I can't seem to get it to work - with a basic install of Win95 under version 2.1.2 it refuses to install DirectX. I had a later version of DirectX installed already and I presume that was the problem - so I installed it under VPC 5 with a basic install of Win98 with no DirectX, and that was fine, it installed whatever ancient version it needed to. The program, however, got as far as changing the screen resolution before it quit saying 'Illegal Operation.' It did the same copied over to the Win95 'system.' Does the program need a game CD, or something it perceives as a game CD, to run perhaps? Would there perhaps be extra stuff I'd need apart from a fresh install of Win95? Anyone, anyone...

I was hoping there might be a few PC-heads here who might be able to help me. I mean, I felt faint when I was reading about the game on - micromanagement! Yes! Precisely what I crave...

[edit] Or can anyone tell me where I can get the DOS version? [/edit]

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