MC #11: The Fat Controller

  Sonofagunzel Chief Commissioner

I wanted to try an experiment to see if Mornington Crescent can work with people as well as places.  I note that this was tried in celebrity-mad Los Angeles once, but failed.  However, I believe this was due to the fact that they were too unfamiliar with public transport and failed to use people connected with public transport.  

To test the theory, let's try the game on say, current and former transport ministers, rail officials and top rail management.  Michael Costa ("MC") is, of course, the target.  

In order not to influence the result (and to avoid the temptation to get everyone stuck on David Hill), after this first move I will merely play the part of observer.  If this works, I understand it will be the first successful nongeographical game of MC in history.

So here goes:

Harking back to my childhood in the Wran era, I open with the amusingly named

Peter Cox

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  Warks Minister for Railways

Location: Near H30+059
This is way out of left field and I feel like an observer at a game of Royal Tennis - no idea what it's about but I'll have a go anyway and no one will be the wiser as they don't know the rules anyway...

Alliteration is worth two bonus points and a Chance card

Bruce Baird
  DavidB Moderator

Location: Canberra
In keeping with the spirit of former transport ministers.....

Steve Crabb (och aye the noooo...)
  Tonymercury Sir Nigel Gresley

Location: Botany NSW

Bruce Baird

There is a booby prize for nominating the man who -

1) Was Transport Minister when the contract for the Airport Railway was signed.


2) Criticised it for not having specially built trains when it opened.

Perhaps RPA can have an annual presentation (a Baird?) for the pollie who does most, in his own words to advance public transportation.

No one is allowed to nominate Costa on the grounds that he is capable of doing that himself. (or should the prize be a Costa Baird?)

Anyway -

I will move on to -

Phillip Shirley

Who (of course) gets the Special "Drinking cup" Baird full of Champagne.