KRS Tutorial - Setting Up a Route

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How to setup a route in Kuju Rail Simulator
By Stephen Smith (aka Yours Truely)

Now setting up a route looks pretty intense and frustrating but it ain't. So here I'm going to show everyone how to do it in picture form.  

1. Get your Latitude & Longitude for your new route starting point. I got mine from Google Earth  and wack it into notepad then close Google Earth. Also Note: Don't mix up your Lat's & Long's as it'll cause issues later.

2. Got into MyComputer and find your RailSimulator Directory, In the folder 'Source' create it another and give it your provider name (In my case 'StephenSmith' or you could use your Nickname etc...)

Then create another folder that will be your product names (eg NE Victoria, MRPS, Cudgewa,)

Now whilst in your 'product' folder create another and give it the name 'templateroutes'

Your folder structure should look something like this:
This is what mines looks like
/Railsimulator/Source/StephenSmith/NE Victoria/Templateroutes

3.5. Whilst you are at this stage you should also create a Loading screen image and save it in .ace format. Save it into the 'templateroutes' directory.

3. Fire up asset editor and create a new blueprint

and pick 'New Route Blueprint'

4. In the top 5 namefields enter your routes name (or copy & paste)

5. Now scroll down and enter your routes Latitudes & Longitudes. This is where wacking them into notepad helps as you can copy and past them.

6. Now fill out all the fields as in this picture

7. Now save your blueprint and export. You should get a message down the botom saying 'builds sucessful'. Now you can close Asset Editor.

8. Open up Railsimulator and Create a New Route

9. Give it a name and save (This is what it will display as when selecting) RS will now enter into the game/editor  

10. Now to your immediate horror you will notice no grass  Shocked But thats just a glitch that can be overcome by doing the following steps

11. In the middle left flyout click on the 'double click' on the box with the arrow .

12. Now go to the Flyout in the top rick and select 'Kuju'

Now tick the box, save and exit to the main menu of RS


13. Now re-enter your route and you should have grass

The terrain looks a little bit flat. In my next Tutorial we shall cover getting DEM into the game.  Very Happy

Good Luck, Stephen

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  grumplstink Beginner

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Very Happy Brock_05, Great tutorial especially using the original screenshots - a picture is worth a thousand words or in this case... giving it a go or just giving up. Many thanks
  Brock_05 Deputy Commissioner

Location: Swinging Spanners under Trucks
Thankyou. If you need anymore help just PM me. I got the idea for this from trying to teach someone over MSN without the pictures.

  ARG706 Chief Commissioner

Location: SA
Thanks for posting these tutorials Stephen. There will be plenty of people who will appreciate them. Have you asked Yuri if he wants to host them on steam4me?
  Brock_05 Deputy Commissioner

Location: Swinging Spanners under Trucks
Was going to but never got around to it. Sorta wanted feedback first. Better get onto him.

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