Rail Simulator 2: Railworks

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Rail Simulator 2: Railworks – The evolution of Rail Simulator


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  elementalpro Train Controller

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looks alright i guess, ive got the UK version of Rail Simulator, its good.
i really wanted the US version which has better locos and routes (imo)
Anyway im lookin forward to it Very Happy
thanks for posting xD, i wouldnt of known if it wasnt for this thread  8)

  thelastname Photo Overlord

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Just buy the Cajon Pass addon. Smile

  Brock_05 Deputy Commissioner

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Dear Rail Simulator Enthusiasts

As we approach the RailWorks release on 12th June a number of you have been asking what the key features are that make it stand out against previous simulators.

Well the first thing to say is that we have set out with an entirely new idea about what it is to be a “Simulator”. The team have worked hard to integrate our technology into Steam. Some of you will have first hand experience of Steam already, some of you won’t. Essentially Steam provides a secure mechanism for both delivering and updating our software as well as a wealth of other features. It already has over 20 million customers and the enhancements in technology are considerable (for more information about visit About Steam ). Steam was selected because it is well suited to our long-term strategy for RailWorks. Unlike most other software, RailWorks will not be a static piece of software with an add-on every now and then, as we have been used to in the past, but a dynamic, constantly improving platform that will keep everyone in the world up to date and in sync with one another. In other words, your copy of RailWorks will have identical core features to everyone else’s. Over time we have a rolling and flexible program of advancements and new features planned that we expect to be delivering over the coming months and years. I say flexible because whilst we have our own ideas about what the platform can do, we will be receptive to what our customers are asking for and what new technologies allow us to deliver.

In addition to the features available in Rail Simulator, RailWorks includes but is not limited to:

The Dispatcher has been improved with added functionality including error reporting for problematic scenarios and further enhanced AI traffic handling.
The physics engine of RailWorks includes detailed modelling of coupling slack and absorption between rail vehicles. Experience the jolting of unbraked freight and take care to manage the motion of your train through crests and dips to ensure the ensuing dynamic forces don’t break couplings!
The first stage of dynamic steam effects have been achieved in RailWorks. Smoke effects have been tied in with the motion of the locomotive to realistically blast steam as the train accelerates.
The ability to manually input the number of your choice onto rolling stock*. Not only this, but new locomotives also features the ability to define head codes, and destination boards and even nameplates.
The German signalling system provided with RailWorks has been completed re-written from scratch with much greater extensibility for future expansion. New features include accurate block signalling on plain line sections, correctly measured spacing, marker signage warning of approaching equipment and also shunting aspects to allow great scenario and operational diversity.
We have included graphical advancements both to our technology and the routes that make the simulated world much richer, more exciting and smoother.

New routes and content that we have included in the core simulator. Each of the new routes has been especially designed to not only provide a new take on the gaming experience but also exhibit particular aspects of our new software.
We have spent considerable time and effort in creating an in game WIKI with literally hundreds of pages of manuals, working guides etc to allow you to really bring out the best in the simulation and tools.
*The number input must be in the context of the vehicle being edited.

Finally I want to tell you a little about our vision for the RailWorks platform going forward. This year we are building a new driver interface option that we believe will deliver significant improvements to the realism of the driving experience. We are looking to continue the graphical advances to such things as lighting/lights and the sky dome, whilst further increasing the practical draw distances we have already made. Information outputs will be moved on with plans for schedule prints and video outputting. Further thinking is also going into how, and how far an element of economic and commerce simulation might be desirable and also online play capabilities.

We will have more to say before the twelfth, but hopefully that is a reasonable summation of where we are at today.

Warm regards
Paul Jackson - CEO RailSimulator.com

"Railworks Feature Update"
  woodford Chief Commissioner

They have just published photos of the packaging on UKtrainsim for the DVD version. Said the case is 3cm thick to provide room for some decent manuals....... should be very good.

NOT a major fan of online docs,

  Brock_05 Deputy Commissioner

Location: Swinging Spanners under Trucks

Jun 10
We are delighted to announce that we have two fantastic limited period offers for the forthcoming RailWorks.
Promotions end Friday 17 July 2009

RailWorks: a new concept in train and rail simulation. Drive 13 different locomotives along 8 different routes in the UK, North America and Europe. Download new routes, locomotives and rolling stock or create your own design and share it with friends.
The RailWorks platform ensures that your software can be advanced automatically, with ongoing support for new technology and gameplay features available on a regular basis.

Stunningly accurate graphics.
• Each of the 8 routes is beautifully modelled with characteristic signalling and signage
• Includes over 50 scenarios to test your driving ability
• Simple, user-friendly interface allows instant access to train experience
• Advanced mode creates a challengingly realistic engine driving experience
• Five accurate real-world routes: Bath-Templecombe, Oxford-Paddington, York-Newcastle, Hagen-Siegen and Cajon Pass
• Three fictional routes: a large UK goods yard, a route based around Denver, Colorado USA and a route set in the alpine region of northern Europe
Powerful user tools to create your own content.
• The World Editor enables users to easily create new routes or modify existing ones
• Routes can be built from scratch, containing your choice of terrain, track and scenery objects
• Ability to share user-created content
• Additional content already available for download, including locomotives, rolling stock, scenarios and routes*

Steam Promotion
If there weren’t already enough reasons to buy RailWorks, registered members** of RailSimulator.com get a whopping 50% of the RRP reducing the price to just £19.99, (€22.50, $30.00.) In addition to this, Steam purchasers will receive the exclusive BNSF Officially Licensed Model Pack.

About the BNSF Model Pack:
For more than 150 years, the BNSF Railway has provided the backbone of US freight transportation, delivering all manner of goods across 28 states and two Canadian provinces. These BNSF heritage schemes and locomotives stunningly reproduce one of the classic American marks.
The BNSF officially licensed Model Pack includes the SD40-2 Heritage 1 livery - black text on the side and logo disc on the nose, the SD40-2 Heritage 3 livery - italic text on side and nose, the SD40-2 'Snoot Nose' Heritage 1 livery - black text on the side and logo disc on the nose and ES44AC Heritage 3 livery - italic text on side and nose.

The offer is active from 8am GMT on Friday 12 June 2009
To take advantage of this amazing offer, all you need to do is:
1. Go to http://www.railsimulator.com/
3. Log in
4. Click on My Account in the RHS panel
5. You will see the RailWorks Promotional Key
6. Then visit Steam.com (http://store.steampowered.com/app/24010/)
complete the purchase process and type in this promotional code.

Trade-up Promotion
For those of you who like your games in a box, we can offer you an amazing trade-up price of £19.99+P&P
To claim this great offer, all you need to do is return (via Freepost) Rail Simulators original manual cover OR original DVD together with this form.
Please note retail box product is launched on Friday 3 July 2009 and no shipments will be made prior to this date. This promotion will be delivered by our partner Contact Sales Ltd.
RailSimulator.com reserves the right to stop, change or rescind promotional offers at any time. Promotions and promotional codes are limited to one per customer and are non-transferable.

*Downloadable content available from RailSimulator.com and third parties. Extra content may be subject to additional charges.
**registered prior to the 1 June 2009



And the latest Screensots

Having the US stuff will be an advantage for developers in Oz as some of our diesel locos are similar. Also terrain textures. Hopefully they will have made it easier to get a loco from whatever program you used to running in the game.

  superheatedsteam Assistant Commissioner

Location: Perth, WA
Look’s like Steam is required for the boxed set as well.

  Brock_05 Deputy Commissioner

Location: Swinging Spanners under Trucks
Less than half an hour till release on 'Steam' (5pm AEST).
Though it won't be till the 3rd of July till the boxed version is released.

This is the box artwork + manuals for those who haven't seen it.

Using http://www.xe.com to do the currency changing,£19.99 GBP into AUD is $40.6493 (this is through 'Steam' with the 50% discount).
But if you purchase in USD ($30) it will come out as $36.8002 in AUD.

Steam is the 'updater' for both versions though. But with the boxed set it is also used to validate it from what I read somewhere.

  ARG706 Chief Commissioner

Location: SA
Any news on an Australian release date? Might be something worth having a play with in a year or 18 months time  8)
  Brock_05 Deputy Commissioner

Location: Swinging Spanners under Trucks
Ok, If you have registered on RailSimulator.com prior to June 1 and wish to buy Railworks for half price go here http://forums.uktrainsim.com/viewtopic.php?f=313&t=95034

The full price in Oz is $62, half price discount is $31.55 (thats through steam of course)

Edit: Ops price was in USD now changed to AUD

As for in stores here. I would not know. But the box version will be available on July 3rd

Have a nice day
  plettner Chief Train Controller

Location: Kiama
I ended up buying the RailWorks online through Steam (download version).

It's $49.95 US but I don't think it's worth that.  I have Rail Simulator and this is just Rail Simulator with some night scenarios and a couple of extra locomotive.

There's very little difference between this and and the older Rail Simulator.

Some of the problems still remain in this new "concept".  For example, the sound of the trailing HST 125 unit is still absent when you view outside the cab.

Graphics still stutter every now and again (and I'm now running a Core i7 machine with 6GB or RAM and ATI 4890 video card).

The view from inside the old HST carriage (i.e. passenger view -the one you get by pressing "5") is not there.  However, as in Rail Simulator, you get a passenger view on the newer HST.

People still disappear when they walk along the platform.  Cars drive and disappear just like they did in Rail Simulator too.

The overhead wiring still bends in mid air - not where it is affixed to the pylon.

The other thing they have added are some fictional routes.  I question the value of these.  I'd rather a new route modelled off a real life one.

Even some of the scenarios are the same ("Up for the cup", "Need for speed", etc.).

Note, his wasn't installed as an upgrade (i.e. there was no chance it just picked up my old scenarios, etc.).  My new machine was built from scratch with RailWorks being the first game installed.

If you have Rail Simulator, then this doesn't offer much more.  If you want to try a rail simulator and never really used one before, then this is great.  I just don't think they should be calling this a new concept in rail and train simulations.

I hope this helps.
  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton

I just don't think they should be calling this a new concept in rail and train simulations.

I hope this helps.

Yes, I can recall Auran doing the same in their marketing and promotion.  If it gets you to buy, then its bucks in their bank account.  It's not very pleasant to install a program and then find the earlier version works better; then comes the disappointment with the marketing hype. I know how you feel...
  Brock_05 Deputy Commissioner

Location: Swinging Spanners under Trucks
There was an update released on June 17

Updates to RailWorks have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:


Placed missing AWS and Red Signals on Newcastle York route

Slack action removed from Bar Couplings

Added Plettenberg Container Loader

Large gap between German coaches removed

AI Collision on Chasing Yellows Scenario fixed

F7 Cab Controls Fix

Duplicate signal on Seebergbahn 46.66925 / 7.7144 removed

3 Erroneous scenarios removed from Hagen-Siegen

Vegetation removed from track along Newcastle-York route

Class 37 Brake movement fixed

Coach Lettering on Mk3 Second Blue passenger coaches fixed

Atleast everyone will be on an even playing field with Railworks (no US vs Europe. The automatic updates will be good aswell. This means that we will have knuckle couplers and similar sounds for developers to use  Very Happy

The manuels are available as PDF's with the downloaded version. Still not impressive though, very basic. The RS Dev Doc's are still useful though.

The blueprint/asset editor are also taking a lesser to non existant hit on my machine (was a nightmare to make anything with the old one) So that problem is now fixed.

Now to go back to RW and keep playing with a new route that i'm building. Note to self: Need Gum tree textures and other native vegetation .....

  ozzieflyer Beginner

This looks great.
Does anyone know where we can get this in Australia?
  ARG706 Chief Commissioner

Location: SA
Simply put, don't bother Smile

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