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Hi All,

The first location in the Tower Sim series has been released.  For the most part, it is the same as the demo, except some small changes based on customer feedback.  There were a few changes which were made from a purely technical standpoint as well.  The train audio was removed from the final version because of memory limitations, file size limitations, and because some of the examples we want to portray don't actually take place anywhere near the tracks in question.

We are, however, working on video sequences to include in future versions of the simulator.  These sequences will allow users generating their own activities to be very creative and add a lot of excitment to the product line.  The video sequences will be capable of functioning from a directory on the users PC, or streamed from the internet.  The internet streaming is of particular interest because video sequences can take up a lot of space on the hard disk.

The release version of this application has a number of improvements, including:

- the ability to review the message history
- a Scenario Generator tool which allows you to easily make your own scenarios, as well as edit existing ones.
- The Scenario Generator allows provides a simple one-click upload system to upload your custom activities for others to try.  In the same fashion, a one-click download will grab a compressed file of all custom activities, unzip them, and drop them directly into your activities folder.  Pretty cool huh?

On the workbench for now are the following items:

- Video cut scene capabilities
- The next location, which is the Mission Junction interlocking, on the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Check out Tower Sim at:

Jason Dilworth
Stream Lines Corp.

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