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  Burkey Station Master

Has anyone heard of any new policies for Rail Freight??

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  gippslander Chief Commissioner

Location: Central Gippsland, Vic
Jon Faine of ABC radio interviewed Tim Pallas & Terry Mulder about transport matters on Tuesday. It was interesting to note that Pallas said virtually nothing about rail freight(he appears to be well and truly in the VicRoads way of thinking). Mulder demonstrated quite a good knowledge of the issues and specifically raised the need for the proposed Melbourne intermodal hub network. So there, the responsible ALP Minister disinterested; the potential Liberal Minister apparently switched on. As for the Greens, their focus is more on passenger matters although I have noticed a few general statements supportive of rail freight.  

There was a major report on rail freight carried out for the State Gov by former Deputy PM Tim Fischer a few years back. Whilst quite a few of its recommendations have been carried out, the State has quietly ignored one of the key points - establishment of a dedicated rail freight development group to foster new business.
  The Vinelander Minister for Railways

Location: Ballan, Victoria on the Ballarat RFR Line
Has anyone heard of any new policies for Rail Freight??

Wouldn't a more specific subject for your thread instead of the vague 'Election Policies' be more appropriate.

That said, I've always said Tim Pallas is only interested in roads, and will only move on his other portfolio covering freight rail if pushed from the Cabinet room.

  Sir Thomas Bent Minister for Railways

Location: Banned
Don't be silly; 20' containers don't vote.  People who get bribed with unneccesary passenger services in backwards-asred rural electorates are much more important.
  Valvegear Oliver Bullied, CME

Location: Norda Fittazroy
A policy favouring rail freight means losing the road transport vote, and which pollie is going to be that stupid?
  kiss Banned

Location: Banned
A policy favouring rail freight means losing the road transport vote, and which pollie is going to be that stupid?

The Greens wan't V/Line Freight back.

Sorry: The Greens will bring back V/Line freight, if they win 45 seats at the Victorian State Election.
  speedemon08 Mary

Location: I think by now you should have figured it out
There was this in My local paper, along with the Usual More V'Locity's  

Interestingly it was from Labor  


Local Labor candidate, Graeme Middlemiss, will continue to work for the return of Rail Freight Services to Gippsland.  

"It is great to hear that the Brumby Government is working to reassign the lease for the Gippsland Intermodal Freight Terminal to Latrobe City to allow the terminal to be returned to serivce. For some years there has been only one freight train and it has been restricted solely to Paper Mill traffic. We need a general freight rail service that is avaliable to all local industry and Businesses."

"Together with Cr Bruce Lougheed, I have been campaigning for some years for a full Freight Rail service to be restored. Transport Minister Martin Pakula has indicated that such a move would allow Latrobe City to appoint a Contract Terminal Operator to re-open the terminal to any organisation wishing to use rail freight. These terminals would certainly attract industry, creating new jobs, and certainly reduce the carbon footprint of transport operations", he said

Cr Lougheed agreed, pointing out that in some cases, it will be more cost effective to deliver export containers to the terminal by road so that they can be railed direct onto the wharf.

"Easier access to markets for some businesses will create more jobs in distribution and manufacture", he said

Graeme said he had already been approached by a number of businesses keen to take advantage of the re-opened rail terminal. " This will lead to more local jobs and reduce highway transport," he said
  kiss Banned

Location: Banned
The 3 key Freight Hubs being Donnybrook, Lyndhurst and Laverton, do they have both Federal and State funding already?

Does the Dooen intermodel terminal also have both Government fundings?

ARTC is a Corporation, do  all projects finish unhinded unless by changes of governments priority for Rail?

What is their priority?
Are they a government funded corporation?
Could extra freight traffic be of benefit?

RFNR ‘Tim Fishers Plan, is it supported by the Liberal Party?

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