Perth Gunzel Hot Spots

  crisfitz Chief Commissioner

Location: Enroute somewhere
You're an idiot. Thank god I never worked with you.

Insults  Laughing I never resort to personal attacks, I do however find them humorous.    Laughing

If you think safety is a low priority, that your prerogative, oh well, I will most likely never change you attitude.

Bugger this. You clearly think you are better than everyone else - yet you have no idea.

Safety IS and WILL ALWAYS BE the MOST important thing. Yet how you twits make comments like this buggers belief.

Suggest you a) read the rule book b) get your head out of your smeg and c) stop worrying about train buffs and try doing your job, like driving trains. Bang HeadBang HeadBang Head

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  bagus70 Assistant Commissioner

Location: Wanting to revisit Australia again.
I first learned trainspotting and train photography in Perth. But I honed my skill in my current place in Bandung.

So I wonder, if I could afford to visit Perth once again, what are the places that worth visiting for me?

Preferably scenic place to photograph trains.
  Ldavid Locomotive Fireman

Avon valley is good, Collie area is quite nice (just watch out for the bike riders on the access track)

As for exact locations, ask one of the spotters, my photography interests are more landscape, flora & fauna based.
  bagus70 Assistant Commissioner

Location: Wanting to revisit Australia again.
my photography interests are more landscape, flora & fauna based.

Hmm...nothing is better than combining your favorite train with your favorite landscape and environment.

It seemed that we have the same appetite...  Laughing
  ChrisDPom Locomotive Fireman

Location: Bali, Europe, Perth (repeat)
Kwinana Yard: Vacant ground at the rear of the Yard (Corner Tomah Road & McDowell Street).

Plus Where Dundas Street goes under the Daddow Road overpass there is some scrub parking next to the line leading into the yard (the Google maps satellite map is ancient - still shows the old road layout).

Forrestfield Works & Yard - various spots either side (keep to the legal ones on the Abernethy Road (airport) side.
Don't go through the fence breaks on the other side (Dundas Road) - especially the ones near Imperial Street or Maida Vale Road as you are trespassing.

Forrestfield to Midland (Various good spots along Abernethy Road (2 good bridges).

Midland - take your pick of the station or somewhere near the line (under the Roe Bypass is good on Robinson Road).

Various spots around Toodyay and st Northam before the rail yards has some nice spots (hills, water and a good gradient for the clagging locos).

Most of the Central Wheatbelt stations are good for a front on shot Kellerberrin & Tammin are my favourites).

In the South West, Brunswick to Picton has some great crossings.

Haven't tried Esperance yet (off there for work next year so suggestions welcome).


  bagus70 Assistant Commissioner

Location: Wanting to revisit Australia again.
They are worth visiting...
  thehiddenspur Beginner

Come on ladies. Little drivers in their cabs must agree.  Rolling Eyes
  GrassyNoel Junior Train Controller

There is a pedestrian crossing in Middle Swan at the corner of Railway Parade and Argyle St where, from behind the fence, you can touch the freight trains as they pass by at practically full noise. If you don't mind losing a few fingers.

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