How did you get your First Drivers Licence?

  mikesyd Chief Commissioner

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Following on from the cars thread.....

What did you have to go through in order to get your Drivers Licence?

Obviously things are much more complicated and drawn out now, and it must be very frustrating for those going through the process these days - depending on State of course.

For us older people, things were much more simple, especially if you lived outside the major cities.

My learning experience started at about 15 - we lived in a small NE Vic country town and one day when out on my fathers regular morning drive around the countryside, he suddenly stopped the car (an EJ Holden), hopped out and said it was time to learn. A few Kangaroo hops later, we were off, the gearbox survived, and dad said later that the toilet paper he had brought with him wasnt needed!! His theory (with the knowledge of the local cop) was that as we lived 25 km from the nearest medical help, it would be a good idea if the kids could drive if the need suddenly arose. Over the next couple of years it graduated to main roads and so on.

The age for a Licence in VIC was 18 then, and 17 in NSW. I was working in southern NSW in 1969, where you could get a Learners permit at 16 years 9 months. Just produce Birth Certificate and they wrote out the permit, free of charge from memory. Then from 17 on, you could do the test (no evidence of actually driving on the permit).

So, I got my permit at in 1969 at 16.9 and waited until I returned home on holidays (we lived near Yarrawonga then), rang the Mulwala NSW Police and made a booking, and got my father to take me for the test.

The "Test" - well - the Policeman first told my father to stay behind, and off we set for a drive around the block, yes, 300 x 300 x 300 x 300 metres, with a stop about halfway where he asked me a couple of questions, which I answered to his satisfaction, then back to the station, Licence written out, P plates handed over and a small fee (forgot how much) paid, and that was it.

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  YM-Mundrabilla Minister for Railways

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Two days after my 18th fronted at the cop shop one Saturday and drove round a couple of blocks. I had counted on a Saturday being a bit quieter but there were unexpected local horse races so that added to the traffic. Reversed into a car space between a couple of sticks, confirmed that I could tell between red, yellow and green and that was it. 
  railsymphony Train Controller

Location: Over the rainbow
I was part of the 50-hour generation. 50 logged hours on the L's , which were acquired about a month after my 16th birthday  by passing the Driver Knowledge Test. Managed to scrounge that together before doing the Red P's test (can't remember what it's called now!), the practical test - driving around the local area with a dragon lady in the passenger seat of my old Corolla telling me what I'd done wrong! 12 months on the Red P's before doing a "Hazard Perception Test" (a computer-based simulation test where you touch the screen at a time you would undertake a particular action, like braking, turning etc) to graduate to Green P's. Two years later, and the "Driver Qualification Test" to finally gain an unrestricted licence at the age of 20.

the joys of NSW beaurocracy!
  Greensleeves Chief Commissioner

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I'm in the 120 hour lot, getting my L's on my 16th birthday, then going for my P's and getting them on my birthday this year (nearly two months ago now). I ended up with about 145 hours total.

The test was mainly 'change into x lane', 'do a parallel park here', 'three point turn here' etc. etc. for me
  Graham4405 Minister for Railways

Location: Dalby Qld
What did you have to go through in order to get your Drivers Licence?

July 1969 - Rocked up at the local cop shop and they provided a Learner's Permit

Drove round a lot, had a few driving lessons with a driving school

April 1970 - Went for driving test, passed first time.
  HMC1989 Chief Commissioner

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I picked the best time to do the driving test but the worst tester. The best time was the Melbourne Cup was being run so naturally the streets were empty but the old tester who was very tough on young males made me reverse park into a space barely big enough for a mini. Got the car in there no problems but he took points off me for not looking over my shoulder enough. Geez I nearly done a neck muscle looking around. Got back to the rego office and he went through everything and I passed. My driving instructor told me to talk out loud to myself explaining what i was doing and it worked.
  poppins122325 Chief Train Controller

Location: Hunter Valley
120 Hour generation but ended up with closer to 200hrs because i was worried haha,

got mt l's first go, red p's first go and now my green p's first go so i figure i must be doing something right Smile
  bevans Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
I passed the test! Smile

  Sir Thomas Bent Minister for Railways

Location: Banned
I'm one of the small minority to not have gotten mine from here.
  sparkdriver Assistant Commissioner

Location: Melbourne
Got my car licence 2 days after turning 18 in the late 1980's by doing a written test and then a driving test with a vicroads instructor. Got my learners when i was 17 and drove with mum & dad for the year. No logbooks or having to do certain number of hours back then.
  tainted Missing Link

Location: Shepparton, Vic
I remember the test, the instructor I was wish swore when he saw who was doing our test, first thing he said as we pulled out of the Vicroads car park was,'turn right'. Illegal move, he took 5 points from me for not following instructions...
  Ballast_Plough Chief Commissioner

Location: Lilydale, Vic
I got my learners on the Thursday, then my P's on the Friday!
  fred0609 Beginner

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Late 1950s. My mother needed a licence so she rang a friend in another  NSW town and it came in the mail. Driving test? What test? Exclamation
  Oldfart Chief Commissioner

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There's something awfully wrong when a 17 year old can be carrying passengers in a light aircraft after about (typically) 50 hours of flight instruction, yet it takes 120 hours to do something similar in a car. Somehow I don't think aircraft are less complicated to operate.
  Pressman Spirit of the Vine

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Went to the Motor Vehicles to sit for my learners 5 days after my 16th b/day, passed and got my learners.

Did a lot of learner driving in my brother in laws 2 ton Toyota Dyna and my Mum's HD wagon (3 on the tree)

Did two lessons with an RAA instructor before my practical test (He took me through what the Local Coppers would be requiring)

Took my test at Norwood Police station (got the Old Sarg!! (everyone said he was an A-hole) but he passed me!    Very Happy

His final words .... "Your still a learner until you go to town (Motor Registar Dept) and get your full Licence"

No P plates (didn't have them in SA in 1973!)

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