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  KRviator Moderator

Location: Up the front
RULE #2: Items must be listed with the following information. Gauge, manufacturer, model, asking price, other information as appropriate and a request for all communication to go via PM, to avoid clogging up the thread.

It isn't rocket surgery. No soliciting offers for items you have for sale. Give the membership the decency of a price or sod off to eBay and play people off against each other there.

If nothing else, it shows others what various pieces of kit are selling for...

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  Indefatigable Assistant Commissioner

Location: Sydney

For sale: 2x Auscision NDFF's in Railcorp livery - numbers 2266X and 3022B - SOLD

Looks like this model, but with RAILCORP signage in place of RIC signage.

Both wagons have only been run once. Magnetic coupler/air hoses have been bent upward slightly to avoid fouling of pointwork. Nil additional modifications. Comes in original box.

Asking $120 plus postage or pick up can be arranged if you're in Sydney.

Alternatively, will swap both wagons for 2x Austrains WHX hoppers with the wiggly R logo in either new or perfect condition.

PM me if interested.


P.S. You can't get this livery from Auscision anymore, so don't delay!

  Clyde_AT26HC-2M Chief Train Controller

Austrains - Australian National CLF4

Model has had the paint faded lightly and been weathered a little. Modifications include additional MU socket, appropriate brass air hoses fitted, rear coupler pocket filled in and Kadee #148 couplers fitted, bogie modifications to represent ZTR fitted to the locomotive, and the couplers have been moved in too look more like the prototype.

Price: $265.00 SOLD

Replacement 48/830 class bogie side frames

Injection moulded 48/830 class bogie side frames with seperately applied air pipes and speed recorder.

Price: $10.00 SOLD
  Speedbird Train Controller


Freightrail 8033- 2 months old- $180 + $15 postage
Seatrain NR57- 1 month old-  $250 + $15
Steelink NR59- 1 month  old- $240 + $15 note* needs to be oiled as the motor makes a noise. That is why i've cut $10 off

Pack GME 1 Container wagons factory weathered- $140 + $15
Pack GME 2 Container Wagons- $140 + $15
Vline open wagons ELX i think- $160 + $15, im also including Walther containers so you can use them with the wagons. Containers are- 2x 40ft Maersk, 1x 40ft P&O, 2x 20ft China Shipping. 

2x RQIW National Rail wagons unopened. $240 + $15. 
2x 20ft Patrick containers with rook hatch $20 inc postage
2x 20ft Patrick containers without hatches $20 inc postage
2x 20ft Seaco containers $20 inc postage

3x Vline Grain wagons with a bit of damage (steps missing on one or two) all 3 for $100 inc postage

3x Black tank cars, one has a pad underneath to clean the rails. $75 inc postage

I dont know how to post pictures up on here, so if you PM me your email with what pics you would like, i will send pics.
I also have a bunch of stuff on ebay. 

I am selling because I need to travel around Australia for work (im a pilot) and I cant lug around a 5m layout and all the locos and rollingstock. I also need the money so I am not travelling around on nothing and i believe the prices are reasonable considering not much of the items are over 6 months old and i look after them like my girlfriend lol! 

Thanks guys!

  Harley Junior Train Controller

Location: Clergate, NSW
  H-I Locomotive Fireman

PM sent to jd4980 and Harley regarding the BWH/NGMA hoppers.
  080900 Assistant Commissioner

Location: -

For Sale Wink)

+ 4X TrainO 47 Class Mirrors. $6.00 FREE POST IN AUS!!!

+ Assorted AR Kits NPRY decals and a set of OCX decals. What you see is what you get. $6.00 FREE POST IN AUS!!!

Cheers, Mark

  Tom66 Assistant Commissioner

Still have the following for sale;
PSM v/line N.                             Offers over $1000
PSM v/line 3rd series T.             Offers over $700
PSM v/line S311                        Offers over $1200 (one of
                                                  ten produced in this number)
PSM bicentennial A66.                       Offers over $1200
CLassic brass models candy 81.       Offers over $500
Specialty Scale Models v/line Z set   Offers over $1500

All have been professionally weathered and prices on all are negotiable. I am happy to do better prices if someone wants to buy more than one. Pm me for pictures or any other info. All are in excellent physical and running condition and have not been used except for a quick run once a month to keep them lubricated.


  MatthewH Locomotive Driver

Hi All,

Selling most of my old rolling stock and track, all HO.

Track (All track is made by Life-Like unlesss otherwise stated):
11 x 18” curves 1 x 18” rerailer (with power terminals)
8 x 15” curves (1 with power terminals) - Made by Lima
2 x 15” rerailers (Note: these are not the same length as the 15” curves, just the same radius) - Made by Lima
8 x Hornby 1st radius curves (R605 – approx 15” curves)
5 x 9” straights
1 x buffer (with light) – brass colour rail - made by Casadio
1 x Right Hand Point (with matching 1/3 length 18” curve and switch machine)
1 x Left Hand Point (without matching 1/3 length 18” curve) - brass colour rail
1 x power controller (without wires to track, but with plug for 240V AC in)
1 x piece of track underlay 9" long
All track is steel unless otherwise stated
Some of the pieces of track are missing the connecting plates
All of the track has been used, but has not been used since 2006, and varies in condition from almost like new to well used.

$25 for all of the track.

1 x Life-Like Santa Fe F7A Loco (missing front coupler, rear steps have been broken off, the top at the back of the loco has been damaged, and one traction tyre is missing)
1 x Life-Like Linde Union Carbide Boxcar (doors have broken off but are still included, 2 steps have broken off and handbrake wheel is missing)
1 x Life-Like “The Katy” Cattle Wagon (Body is cracked under 1 of the doors on one side, and 3 of the steps have broken off)
1 x Life-Like Santa Fe Cabosse/Guards Van (one of the steps has broken off but is included, body is chipped on 3 corners, and a part of the roof has broken off (see pictures))
1 x Life-Like Pennsylvania Passenger Carraige #3501 (2 of the 4 wheelsets are out of gauge, and the two end walkways are a bit damaged.)
All trains have their orignal horn-hook couplers, and a few spares have been included.
Most of these ahve slight paint marks and chips.
The light in the loco was fixed by Orient Express in 2006, not sure if anything else was done at the time.
The loco has not been run since about 2009.

$30 for all of the trains.

PM me with all offers

  Albert Chief Commissioner


Eureka 3813 - test run only, no box. A detail peice missing from boiler barrel DCC fitted (will supply DC plug) $410 inc reg post

Model runs like new.
  WAGR_trains Assistant Commissioner


Eureka Garratt - Has an identity crisis, the tank (6040), boiler (6028) and bunker (6026) has different numbers. Bought from Eureka at the 2011 Thornleigh show. Test run only, no box $575 inc reg post

Eureka 3813 - test run only, no box. A detail peice missing from boiler barrel DCC fitted $420 inc reg post

Austrains IP NR25 - used, comes in box. Lighting has been disasbled but will include lighting board in sale $280 inc reg post

Austrains SS NR85 - test run, comes in box. No certificate (was sold to me from TH-T this way) $275 inc reg post.

All models run like new.

PM sent re NR 25 IP.
  Roachie Chief Commissioner

Location: Kadina SA (formerly NSW)
For Sale Wink)

+ Assorted containers. The lot for $8.00 + Post.

+ TrainO BCH coal hopper, no Kadees and no Bogies. $10.00 + Post. What you see is what you get!

Cheers, Mark


PM sent re the BCH and the containers.

  Roundhouse_Rat Deputy Commissioner

Location: Hamley Bridge, SA

For Sale

1x Kitbashed(Athearn FP45 & F7)Commonwealth Railways CL Class $120 + Postage

1x BGB Australian National AL Class has slight crack on side near cab(cant be seen 3 foot away) $250 + Postage

1x BGB complete 600 Class Steel car painted in centenary color scheme $100 + Postage(SOLD)

Can produce photos of item but via by mobile only, quality of photo maybe lousy.

PM me if interested


Edited:- Due to the overwhelming interested in 600 steel car, I have also a Uncompleted 600 steel car $35 + postage

more items to come for sale mostly SAR & American models

Edited2:- 600 steel car kit is at  my ex girlfriend house, and  she isnt allowing me to collect my stuff at present. but other items are still for sale
  hotdogpants1 Deputy Commissioner

Location: Here.

SOLD-  Price of my Austrains Y-class Y-137 HO Scale loco had dropped to $260. It is in 1980s orange and grey V/line livery. The model is unused and is able to be delivered with postage fees included. 
  Gecko Beginner


Trainorama 47 class locomotive No. 4714 in candy.  New condition.  $280.00

Trainorama 47 class locomotive No. 4717 in R&H Transport colours (red with white stripe).  These loco's were produced in limited numbers and are quite rare and collectable.  New condition.  $330.00

Both of these loco's have only been taken out of their boxes for photo's and test ran.  Both operate extremely smooth.

If you are interested send me your email address and I can forward you the photos.

  Roachie Chief Commissioner

Location: Kadina SA (formerly NSW)

I have just finished changing over the DCC sound decoders in my 2x Powerline 48 class locos.

Originally I had used these 2 ESU Loksound Alco 251B Select Direct decoders.

However, I wanted to standardise my decoders to my preferred brand, being Tsunami Soundtraxx decoders.

So, I am now selling the 2x ESU Loksound decoders (part number 73702) as referred to in Marcus Ammann's article printed in Issue #15 of "Model Railways in Australia" magazine.

So, if you're interested in these 2 used decoders, I am selling them for $80- (plus $6- postage anywhere in Australia) for them both together. I will even throw in the magazine with Marcus' article if you'd like that too. I will include the speakers too, as I used a different type of speaker for the new installation.

Let me know by PM if you're interested.

Bill Roach
  Albert Chief Commissioner

FOR SALE - updated 26/10/12

Eureka 3813 - test run only, no box. A detail peice missing from boiler barrel DCC fitted (will supply DC plug) $400 inc reg post

  73LJWhiteSL Deputy Commissioner

Location: South East Melbourne Surburbs
I am looking to SWAP some Austrain Cement hoppers if anyone has any they would like to EXCHANGE with me.

I have 4 x Pacific Nation Blue (Pack N x 2 minus the FA Wagons) and 6 x V/Line (Packs D  & E) all in their orginal boxes, that I am keen to exchange for some more Freight Australia wagons. I am  not interested in straight selling, I would like to grow my fleet of Freight Australia Cement hoppers, as it fits my era of 1999 - 2004 much  better. All wagons have been used, Some have Kadee #5s on them but they have all been looked after and do not have any broken details on them. I have the orginal boxes, as you can see in the pictures on Photobucket.

I would prefer to meet up with someone in Melbourne Suburbs and swap them over rather than have to deal with the hassle of postage.

More pics at

  Geekboy Train Controller

Location: Banned
Auscision VFX Australian National Railway louvred vans  (pack SLV-3)

I have a two of these wagons that I would like to swap;

One for an Auscision NSW KLY in PTC teal with the red/white "worm" logo;

& one for an Auscision GOX in either Commonwealth Railways or Australian National Railways maroon.

These are brand new in the box, and you can take your pick from any of the wagon numbers from the SLV-3 pack, VSX2834, 2835, 3091 or 3094.

Pick up in Melbourne is OK, or securely boxed for registered post. Pm me for details.
  080900 Assistant Commissioner

Location: -
For Sale:   $200.00 Free Post In Aus. PM me for details, Cheers.

  nikonboss2003 Beginner

For Sale

2x Auscision CFCLA T class. T 377 in box as new $240 each inc. postage

Posted together if sold together.

Are these still available? If so I would be interested in one of these.

Cheers, Luke.
  3801NewcastleFlyer Station Staff

Hello everyone.

I have a few items for sale that I have bought over the last few months, but have now realised that I need to concentrate on one era and area, so these need to go.

Athearn Genesis Union Pacific SD70M. Brand new unit. Not removed from box. $140 ono plus post. SOLD

Trainorama candy 47 class. 4714. As new with very limited run time. $320 posted. SOLD

Please PM me if you are interested in anything. All items will be posted via registered post only. Thanks for taking a look at my gear.
  TICKETS_PLEASE Station Master

Location: the ghettos of Dandenong

Hi guys
I hope I have it in the right area now Smile
Well Im back Smile.... 2009 was a sad year for me as I had to sell  my beloved layout and trains, but the Lady God has smiled down on me and has allowed me to start again<img class="> ..... so I purchased a bulk buy which contained no end of Goodies including  a Hornby DCC setup consisting of DCC select Controller R8213, Hornby power Booster R8239 (has english plug looks new in box) and 6-7 Hornby point Decoders R8216 (most still in boxes)..... I am looking at either swaping these for a NCE system or some DCC controller system..... I have tested the DCC select unit and all works fine . I just dont like it .. more of a personal thing, I loved my old NCE controller

  LSB10 Station Master


2 x Tillig dual gauge points (left and right). HO/HOn3.5 on the straight HOn3.5 left/right. Never been used still in the packet.

Just as a note, I could be wrong but from looking at them they need to be used with a point motor.

$65 each + postage.

PM if your interested or want photos.
  mattrawls Chief Train Controller

Location: Newport Workshops (Steamrail)

Auscision A70 v/line pass mk1 minor paint scratches where packaging has been on noses.

$270 ONO

or swap for 

Austrains Y class v/line orange and grey
Auscision A73 orange and grey
Auscision N class orange and grey except 474
Trainorama S class VR or v/line except 307 or 311

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