Long Gully Bridge (Asquith Bridge) Restoration

  HOWARAS Deputy Commissioner

Location: Woodanilling
Hi all, I hope this isn't a problem putting this here in Railpage.. apologies if so.

I have been asked to assist in letting as many people know that there is currently a Raffle to raise funds for the restoration of the heritage listed Asquith Rail Bridge. The Heritage Council believes this to be one of the finest Railway Bridges in the State.

Below is the link to the page about the Raffle on the Bibulmun Track Website.



About Long Gully Bridge

Considered an outstanding example of an early rail trestle bridge, the 128 metre long bridge epitomises the technical design skill of the Western Australian Government Railways. The construction is associated with the Post World War II development of Western Australian Railways. It also promotes great aesthetic opportunities.  The Bridge meets sections of land that rise steeply above Murray River valleys in Quindanning and provides the only viable crossing point for walkers on the Bibbulmun Track.

The bridge was built for the WA Government Railways in 1949. The rail network was used as an integral mode for the timber industry from the Serpentine-Jarrahdale area to Dwellingup region. When the Dwellingup Mill was burned down in 1961, the track ceased operation.

The bridge was later converted to road usage until the 1990's. In 1997, the Asquith Bridge became a feature of the Bibbulmun Track and its management transferred to the then Department of Conservation and Land Management (now Department of Environment and Conservation, or DEC)

The bridge runs in a north-south direction, 10 metres high, approximately 3 metres wide, and 128 metres long. Major maintenance is required on the bridge to replace decking, administer fungal and white ant treatments, replace temporary safety barriers with aesthetically suitable ones and more.  Due to the height of the bridge this is not a simple task.

Both DEC and the Bibbulmun Track Foundation have applied for grants to assist with this work.  Unfortunately, due to funding rounds being massively over-subscribed we have so far been unsuccessful.




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  gipsydriver Beginner

i bought a few tickets the other day

gee i hope it gets done and not put onto the maybe later file,i was down there a couple of weeks ago and the bridge looks strong but the eastern end? was sagging quite a bit


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