Meaningful Signs

  Valvegear Dr Beeching

Location: Norda Fittazroy
There must be dozens of curious signs out there . . . here's one:-

During last week's wet weather, the permanent illuminated signs on the Melbourne Eastlink Toll Road have read, 'USE CARE WHEN ROADS ARE WET'.
What should we do when roads are dry?

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  David Peters Dr Beeching

Location: "With Hey Boy".
How about A. Dong for the name of a Vietnamese restaurant here in Rosewater in Adelaide the large sign they have is even lit up at night so you cannot miss it.

Then there is a place at Beverly were they work over car motors and their sign reads in huge large red letters "Best head jobs in town". It is right behind a bus stop as well. I have photos of the latter but not of the former though.
  alstom_888m Chief Commissioner

I saw a "Long vehicles do not not use Short Street" in the inner north once. I think it was in Brunswick East, but might have been Northcote. Not sure where the boundary is. I was lost...
  GrahamH Chief Commissioner

Location: At a terminal on the www.
Somewhere in my photo collection there is a photo outside a mechanics workshop in Broken Hill advertising 'Maniacal Repairs'. Another shot from closer to Sydney shows 'Young Senior Citizens Centre'.
  Graham4405 Minister for Railways

Location: Dalby Qld
I've always liked this one...

  Camster Chief Commissioner

Location: Geelong
I saw a sign once which said: to whatever road. At the bottom of that sign, it said No Through Road.
  andrewstrains Assistant Commissioner

Location: Townsville, Where else but QLD
On the Gold Coast Hwy there used to be signs Blind Persons Cross here.......

From memory they were in the Miami area
  awsgc24 Minister for Railways

Location: Sydney
I've always liked this one...


The yellow part of this sign seem to have round edges.
  Graham4405 Minister for Railways

Location: Dalby Qld
The yellow part of this sign seem to have round edges.
No, it has round corners...
  Bills_Billboards Chief Commissioner

There was a chinese resturant in the eastern suburbs of Melb called the SHATIN  resturant ... think about it  , there is also a engine reconditioning place called head job head shop
  Braddo Deputy Commissioner

Location: Narre Warren
Phuoc Dat Butcher - Springvale:

Hung Phat Auto Repair - Springvale
Hung Long Video - Box Hill
  Expost Deputy Commissioner
  Valvegear Dr Beeching

Location: Norda Fittazroy
One good one was in an Automotive workshop:-

Labour charge: $ 60.00 per hour.
If you watch: $ 70.00 per hour.
If you help: $ 90.00 per hour.
  franfran Assistant Commissioner

Location: in a Castle in the Hills
Here's a photo I took a few years ago of a backpacker hostel that was up for sale.  The positioning of the sign perhaps could have been a bit better....

  Grantham Minister for Railways

Location: I'm with stupid!

So, yes. If there are blokes in the air filters, the train line alarm fault light flashes twice...gotta love the PN proof reading! Wink

Of course, some signs are just funny photos...


  Braddo Deputy Commissioner

Location: Narre Warren
  BrianBS Locomotive Driver

I once worked in a first storey office in a small suburban two-storey commercial building - the sign on the wall near the entry read -

"In case of fire, please leave by the new fire stairs at the back of the building that will be erected immediately after this fire".