The Newcastle Rail Line IS to be cut, announced 14 dec 2012

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RE Max Delmege (who is a former developer): Brad Hazzard's office told him that he was too busy and will be on sometime next weekend.
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This maybe on sometime shortly, tomorrow morning, or the morning after on 2SM and stations that take show.

Edit: He is to talk to Hazardous Hazzard just after 12:30 - but it could just before.

The interview is to be live, and not recorded, and according to 2SM, they will take questions.

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Hazzard falsely claimed that 85% of people supporting removing the rail line. That is incorrect.

He also falsely claimed that their has been a LOT of consultation between the passengers and the state government.

He also claimed the rail land won't be sold off (Do I see a flock of pigs flying?)

April last year was a transport forum. 9 out o 10 tables supported keeping the rail line and it's services, and they all clapped. But the report from that meeting is inaccurate, although now slightly changed, but still shows an inaccurate report.
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Now that's cause for a celebration, yes, no?

This is not exactly Newcastle rail related, but the "Dr Beechings" of NSW have just stepped down from their roles on I-NSW
Former Victorian secretary of transport Jim Betts has been appointed appointed as interim chief executive.
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Now that's cause for a celebration, yes, no?

This is not exactly Newcastle rail related, but the "Dr Beechings" of NSW have just stepped down from their roles on I-NSW
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Let's hope that the briefings from INSW to premier O'Farrell on the Newcastle issue improve. Greiner and Broad are notable agitators for removing the rail line.
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Had a laugh on Friday's NBN news with people complaining about there being no "trains" over the Long Weekend. Better get used to it if a "select" few get their way.
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Had a laugh on Friday's NBN news with people complaining about there being no "trains" over the Long Weekend.
They were complaining that trackwork was scheduled with people arriving for major eventS in Newcastle on the weekend for a major event on Tuesday. Extra trains were provided on Tuesday (11 June 2013) between Sydney & Newcastle(1), along with local buses.
Exactly what happened when the Newcastle Show was on, when trackwork was scheduled between Sydney & Dungog/Scone for that same weekend - usually the trackwork is scheduled for the weekend before or after when trackwork usually takes place in March.

While checking the SOR site, I found the statement below.
Initially Save Our Rail had very little contact with the incoming Liberal/National Party state government despite attempts to have meetings with the new Premier, Barry O’Farrell and his ministers.

Our only means of conveying our message regarding the future of the Newcastle Rail Line was to attend forums being organised by the planning and transport departments. The people who attended the Long Term Transport  meeting in Newcastle Town Hall in April 2012  well remember that the overwhelming sentiment was to retain and improve the Newcastle Rail Line to Newcastle Station. This was not recorded in the official report of that meeting and despite protests from Save Our Rail and other individuals the record remains inaccurate. . .

We can confirm that this SOR statement is correct about "inaccuracies" (in quotes for a reason) in that report from the meeting.

1. WHAT?!! Extra trains needed between Newcastle & Broadmeadow again???, BUT, BUT, BUT, Hazardous Hazzard & (cough UR cough) Greiner said, . . . .

(Does this look like an "underused" station to you?:
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The pro-rail cutters blame the Newcastle Rail Line on a "so called decline of people in the CBD, and that no one is visiting the CBD? Correct, not correct??

If that is so, then how come the council has just recently installed "High Pedestrian Area", 40 kmh zones?

So, how can you have a "High Pedestrian Area" in a CBD, that is suppose to be almost deserted of people?? Laughing
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Newcastle Port will be privatised and the rail line will be replaced with light rail:

NEWCASTLE will get light rail in its inner city in return for the Port of Newcastle being handed over to the private sector, the O’Farrell government has announced in its latest budget handed down on Tuesday.
The government will use $340million to replace heavy rail with light rail from Wickham to Newcastle, from the proceeds of a proposed 99-year lease of the Port that Treasurer Mike Baird said could reap about $700million.
The $340million would come on top of the $120million the government has already committed to spending on rail changes in the inner city, including the construction of a transport interchange at Wickham.
And the light rail strip could be the start of a broader system, with $10million to be spent exploring the potential to link the city centre to surrounding suburbs, beaches and broader region.
‘‘This will now go beyond a mere revitalisation: it will effectively be the rebirth of Newcastle as a modern city,’’ Mr Baird said.
The proposal forms the budget’s centrepiece infrastructure announcement.
A scoping study for the port transaction would get underway immediately.
The government is aiming to complete the lease by mid next year.
It follows the recent lease of both Ports Botany and Kembla, which were announced in previous budgets and raised about $4billion net for infrastructure spending.
Overall, Mr Baird has forecast a deficit of $329million in 2013-14, with a return to surplus expected in 2014-15, in a budget he says will ‘‘secure the future for NSW’’.
It confirms the provision of $585million for the rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme in the Hunter.
The budget also provides for up to $120million this year for the Resources for Regions program, which is aimed at returning some of the proceeds of mining to affected communities.
About $40million would be allocated to successful applications made before June 11, with $80million available for those who make applications before October.
Singleton and Muswellbrook are among the councils to have already made applications and will need to wait to learn if they will get a share of the money.
Newcastle City Council was also eligible but did not submit an application. It may have another
The budget also delivers more money for the Newcastle justice precinct, with a further $63million for its construction.
The government has also continued its housing acceleration fund, with two Hunter sites included in the initiative this year.
Wastewater network upgrades at Farley and Rutherford will be fast-tracked to help pave the way for the construction of 5300 new homes, and an intersection on the New England Highway at Lochinvar and its water mains will be upgraded to enable 5000 new homes to go ahead.
But the budget is silent on allocations for the remainder of the Hunter Infrastructure and Investment Fund. The fund’s board had made recommendations to the government earlier this year on how to spend the $60 million remaining of the $350 million election commitment.
The budget papers say the government is considering the board’s recommendations.
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Best of both worlds?
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I've put it in the news section here:
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Best of both worlds?
Yes & no.  I see no real reason still for the closure of the Heavy rail line to be now replaced with trams, which in affect will use the same track, could probably use the same O/head & the same stations, will still provide the barrier which so many who want the rail line gone use as an ex