Steamrail Snow Train 21-7-2013

  DavidJDowd Station Master

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Hi all,

The train will run as R707 R761 with 14 cars.

The train will run Push-Pull to Deer Park via the freight lines at Brooklyn to get around the different closures of the day.

It is going to be one of the largest tours of the year with over 550 people scheduled on board.

The consist as noted below is:

R761 – R707 – 61 BW – 63 BW – 17 BE – 25 BE – 38 BE – 46 BE – 212 BS – 9 BRS – Moorabool – 14 BRS – 8 AS – 11 AS – 708BK – PCP 292

For those wondering, 61BW will be the trailing car out of Melbourne.

No. of Cars = 14

Weight: Over 600 T

It is also noted that due to the length of this train, some carriages will remain off the platform at most stations. Passengers are asked to board at the nearest carriage on the platform and then walk through.

There will be 2 Kiosks and 1 Club Car in operation during this Tour.

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  speedemon08 Mary

Location: I think by now you should have figured it out
No, but best guess some steel cars and some wooden 6 wheel stock.

Of note, to the car-caders on the highway between Warragul and Moe.... STAY TO THE BLOODY LEFT if you're gonna do 80km/h and dribble over the chuffer.
  SAR520SMBH Junior Train Controller

I'll be in Victoria from Saturday for a few days too visit my brother and sister in law.
I plan on getting out and about to check out the Snow Train and get some photos and video footage.
I have photos of R761 and R766 with SAR locos 520 and 621 from visits to SA in 1987, 1991 and 1994 but have never photographed/videoed an R class in Victoria.
If the Snow Train is to be double headed, does anybody know if it will be double head steam, would love to see R711, or steam/diesel?
Many thanks.
  Carnot Minister for Railways

Probably R761 & R711 double heading.  And given that low-level snow is possible on Sunday, it might literally become "The Snow Train".
  bevans Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Big consist on the Steamrail Snow Train this weekend folks!

R761 – R707 – 61 BW – 63 BW – 17 BE – 25 BE – 38 BE – 46 BE – 212 BS – 9 BRS – Moorabool – 14 BRS – 8 AS – 11 AS – 708BK – PCP 292

No. of Cars = 14

Load = 662 tons

Length = 347.0 m

Big thanks to 707 Operations for the hiring of R707, 212 BS (WCR livery) and 708 BK (for a private charter). Some rough times for Sunday later in the week.

(via Lionel)
  SAR520SMBH Junior Train Controller

Awesome, thanks for that Carnot. Looking forward to it.
  DavidJDowd Station Master

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
I urge anyone who has though about going on the rail only segment of this train to call 03 9397 1953 or email to confirm you place.

It is a fantastic price to ride behind two amazing R Class locos on a very long train (14 cars)

An additional carriage has been added to the train to accommodate us late booking people.

See you on the train
  DavidJDowd Station Master

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Just wondering how easily it would be to add an additional car onto the train?
What's missing from the above consist is a viewing car like 14CW or 18CE upfront.

With such amazing public exposure this tour is getting from both Rail Fans and the general public it would be worth the effort to have one of these cars attached for mums and dads to get the kids up close to the locos as well as those taking their first tour.

As 292PCP is behind the private car, I doubt there will be public access.