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I am not entirely convinced I know where Morphett Vale starts and ends, but I am pretty certain you couldn't see the train line from it. That's not so strange on reflection, just the way reporting is done these days...
It's a silly thing particular to Ten News that they do because it's a cheap and efficient way to fill up what is a quite large local news quota in a one hour bulletin, and  in places like Adelaide where the news is edited and presented interstate it also serves as a way to shore up their local news credentials. They'll use a live (or non-live) cross for anything and everything now even if the location has only tangential relevance to the story (something happening in the background like busy traffic is always a winner), at the expense of including more relevant footage.

My guess is that the actual live cross location was the corner of Main South Road and Beach Road, reasonably close and no less able to see the line than any other busy intersection that's geographically closer. The south-western corner of Morphett Vale is the Beach Road junction of the SExy by the way.

You never know though, it could have been somewhere closer but with the Morphett Vale caption coming from some technician in Melbourne using the maps on their phone to find Noarlunga and then zooming out to work out what the nearest 'major' location was for the caption. I just reproduced that scenario with both Apple and Google...

Channel 10 used the word 'secret' because it makes the story more appealing to the audience.

As does the often (mis)used term 'exclusive'
Secret might be pushing it a little but still defensible as it was plainly the result of a leak or a chance spotting. If the department wanted it to be seen they would have invited media to access the Seaford depot and the Noarlunga platform, but they would have been insane to do that for the first run.

Exclusive is actually bang on in this case, as no other media outlets got it. Seven and Nine didn't get it (but they only have a half hour bulletin to fill), ABC doesn't do trivial items like that in the 7pm local bulletins and SBS only ever acknowledges the existence of South Australia during the Tour Down Under week.

Strange that the report came from Morphett Vale, too.    Was the news crew moved on?
No chance that the crew was moved on, see my above info about Ten's irrelevant live crosses which require noise and action in the background to prove they are locals. The department wouldn't have been interested in trying to move on a news cameraman because they wouldn't have gotten there in time to prevent the two shots needed, and the only reward for even trying would have been a big story about government censorship instead of a little story with a harmless picture of a train.

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Location: Adelaide, SA
Out again today - on the way home from work around 12.10-12.15pm the railcars were crossing the bridge at the northern end going slowly.
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Location: please mind the gap when alighting from the train
Spotted on a friends Facebook
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Location: Metro Adelaide
Spotted this afternoon in Onkaparinga Recreational Park.

Alex C
  don_dunstan The Ghost of George Stephenson

Location: Adelaide proud
Wow, fantastic, thanks to all for these pics and the link to the Ch10 news story.  In relation to the Ten story, it's interesting that they chose to spin the story along the lines of a 'secret' test and in some respects I guess it really was a secret - as we were speculating previously they didn't want the media present in case something went wrong and there was no official announcement.  In either case, it's great news and I'm really looking forward to seeing the final product in full operation.