Climax locomotive No.1694 relaunch

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Climax geared locomotive No.1694 will be officially launched back into service on Sunday, 8 September, 2013 at 9.30 am with a special return trip from Belgrave to Emerald.

This is after a 12 year restoration project, and the event will coincide with the 85th anniversary of the locomotive first entering service.

Only three other Climax locomotives are operational, all in the USA, and Climax 1694 is the only one built to 2ft 6in gauge.

More details of the locomotive, and the relaunch can be found on the Puffing Billy Railway's website:

where bookings can also be made online.

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  CAP_gauge Junior Train Controller

Further to my message of 5 June bookings can still be made on this trip, despite the closing date for bookings being advertised as 16 August.

The assembly of the locomotive was completed on 13 August and the first trials were made in the Belgrave yard on 16 August (today). The locomotive was running very well but seemed a bit tight in the gears, which is to be expected since they are new.

Here are some pictures taken today:

These pictures are from this page of my website:

where more details of the locomotive are given.


  K160 Minister for Railways

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Good to see it back in service.
  Sammy D Chief Commissioner
  Carnot Minister for Railways

A very well patronised tour today for 1694s relaunch.  Photo and video (+ gunzels everywhere):
  michaelgreenhill Administrator That's Numberwang!
  duttonbay Minister for Railways

Nice photos.  Here are four of mine, but as a paying supporter of the trip, I wasn't able to take quite so many. Three of these images though should, theoretically, have been not possible by those who didn't stump up the cash...





What a great day it was. Beautiful weather, lovely to see 1694 back in steam again, and fantastic to see the number of people who travelled.
  VRfan Moderator

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Hi all,

My video of the climax: