Noarlunga Line Shutdown

  don_dunstan Minister for Railways

Location: Adelaide proud
I took a trip to Belair and back yesterday afternoon to check out progress along the line. With the exception of scratched grafitti on the window glass, I rode in the front seat of a very clean, attractive and comfortable 3000 interior looking out on a well maintained track. There were ticket machines and validators with an ease of use that make Myki look like a very sick joke. A cleaner boarded the train as soon as it pulled into the Adelaide Station on the return trip.
"Scrat" is a problem everywhere - when I was in Perth last year I noticed that they'd put steel reinforced grids on windows to stop it. That actually made me worry about how you'd get out of a burning vehicle!  I'm not sure what the solution to that problem is, the little turds seem determined to keep doing it.  Maybe a Singapore style solution to anyone caught doing it could put a stop to it.

I have to agree about the refurbished 3000's, I caught a couple last Xmas when I was in Adelaide and I was really impressed with how clean and efficient it was, you could even buy a ticket on the train (wow!).  If they do have to operate side-by-side with the 4000's for a long time it won't be that much of a disaster.

Let's give the SA Government credit where it is due. I will want to see the Liberals give a pre-election guarantee that they will continue the modernization of Adelaide's suburban transport within a reasonable time-frame before I abandon the horse we know (albeit with some dissatisfaction with its performance) in favour of the other one which in all the years since Tom Playford left office has done sweet Fanny Adams to improve South Australian infrastructure.
I'm actually really impressed with how much has happened in SA since I left, the last time I went back it felt like a completely different city.  Public transport in particular, always the thing I disliked about Adelaide the most, has improved markedly - the only thing that needs substantial improvement is the train frequency in the evenings/weekends but maybe with the advent of electric trains this will improve.  It would be really wonderful if an incoming Liberal government decided to keep the program going but I'm not holding my breath given what I've seen here in Victoria...

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  steam4ian Chief Commissioner

SAR526, I hold with all you comments including almost all of the political statements. One Lib Minister did get some PT things moving and had some respect among the PT fraternity, even got a 3000 DEMU name after her. Since Playford most Lib governments have found themselves cleaning up the financial mess left by previous Labor governments. They just get it right and get rewarded by being turfed out of office.

Unfortunately a next Lib government will be in the same position unless BHP takes the lid off Olympic Dam.

Since 1914 standard gauge has screwed the Australian rail system.

All that is carried on the TAR and CAR/NAR could be carried on Cape Gauge; The Sarf Efricuns can do it. The Easstern states did not want SA or WA having any real advantage so sandwiched SG between two NG systems. At that time BHP had Australia's most powerful locomotives operating on NG.

Roll on December 1.
  trainznbuses Train Controller

Location: Seacliff Park, SA
...One Lib Minister did get some PT things moving and had some respect among the PT fraternity, even got a 3000 DEMU name after her...

You are joking aren't you.

Surely 3030 was not named after her because of the "respect" (and I use that word very loosely) that she garnered in the PT industry locally. Dinky Di was the relevant transport minister at the time that we regressed to a quasi private system. I say quasi because at the end of the day the majority of the infrastructure is still owned by the Government and the timetables and fares are effectively set by the same.
The private operators that we have now are glorified labour-hire companies providing drivers at a cost to the Government via the way of subsidies from the same Government.
I hold absolutely no respect for the woman as a transport minister - nothing personal as I know that she was the figurehead of the transport portfolio and was just enacting the Liberal partys' ideology at that time. I think that she should have just stuck with Arts/Status of Women which I believe were also her portfolios at the time.

To this day I still do not understand why she had a railcar named after her. The only thing I can think of is someone in Junior to Middle management wanting to garner some 'Brownie points" to try to fast-track their career within TransAdelaide at the time.

Sorry to wander off topic.
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