Victorian VLCX - Auscisions, or OTM's??

  davesvline Chief Commissioner

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Well both Auscision and On Track Models have announced the VLCX. Although, if you read the Auscision page, theirs says they were unfortunately forced to announce it now due to circumstances beyond thier control (words to that effect). Presumably because OTM just did so prior.

That aside, we all know these double up instances may continue to happen in the future with other models. With this in mind, it probably now comes down to price, and quality of the prospective models. Since neither model is hear to judge on its merits on quality, and both mobs have a reputation for good detail, It just leaves the price element to consider at this stage.

So for a Victorian, this is the way I see it. I can prepay Auscision $220 now (or pay $239 later), and get them with free delivery. This is for a 4 car pack.
Alternatively, i can spend $180 with OTM for a 3 car pack, but then need to shell out $17 for postage.

So all up, its either $220 prepaid delivered for an Auscision  4pack, or $197 for an OTM 3 pack.

So to my question - Are people inclined to go the cheapest (Auscision) option here, based purely on models sight unseen??



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  Poath Junction Chief Commissioner

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Auscision's pre-order discount also includes a bonus wagon so you're getting 5 for $220 versus 3 for $197 (posted in both cases). The bonus wagon is for all 4 packs as noted in their blog entry of 7 October and applies to multiple purchases too. ie buy 3 x "4 packs" and you'd get 3 free wagons. From a purely financial standpoint Auscision wins that round by a long shot, however there are some liveries being done by OTM that aren't on the Auscision list which may in itself determine your buying choice.

After delivery price, when Auscision pack prices are expected to increase and the bonus wagon is not likely to remain part of the deal, there's only a small $ difference per wagon between OTM & Auscision so quality / features, etc will then play a bigger role in the decision. OTM have lots of painted samples on their website and facebook while Auscision have only so far had their unpainted samples at exhibitions. Based on those samples the quality and features should be around the same as their BP vans so externally very nice. However internally the OTM models so far appear to have the extra 'wow!' detail factor, maybe we'll see this matched at the last moment by Auscision?

You can always wait until both OTM & Auscision wagons hit the shores to make your decision, but no doubt by then a lot of the packs will have already sold out.
  VRfan Moderator

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If it was me, I would wait. The VLX would have to be the most produced victorian wagon both in kit and RTR. BGB did I don't know how many versions of it, there was even a whitemetal one back in the day. Trainorama have since produced RTR versions twice.

Point is, I don't think it will sell out anytime soon and even if it does, someone else is bound to produce it.

That way you don't have to cough up the $$$ now and you can see which one either arrives first or wait a bit longer and pick the best model.
  trawny Train Controller

Location: Victoria
Any ideas on delivery times of both?
  Poath Junction Chief Commissioner

Location: In front of a computer most of the time.
Any ideas on delivery times of both?
Both are aiming for delivery this year. OTM posted some info on facebook 2 days ago indicating theirs are expected in late December.
There are pics on their facebook page showing completed VLX models ready for boxing.
  2LaGrange Train Controller

I emailed auscision and they confirmed today that vans will come with interior details the same as ontrack, so if its purely on cost auscision is the clear winner with a 4 pack at $220 and a 5th wagon free that works out at $44 per wagon inc postage compared to otm $65 per wagon inc postage.Trainorama previously did these wagons as mentioned by a previous poster but they had chunky bogies and lacked  detail and the roof profile was not correct compared to the more accurate models coming soon from auscision and otm.