Metro ticket inspector body slams teenage girl AFTER being punched in the face

  frezno Junior Train Controller

So because she committed two felonies, which would get her little more than a hefty fine in court, she deserves to suffer the risk of death?
Does she deserve to die because of a ticketing offence. you people need to get a sense of proportion.
She deserved to be treated like the felon she is. I can tell you right now, if someone slapped or spat on me, the move that guy did would look like a tap on the shoulder. Spitting is THE most disgusting act. And, if you don't have a ticket (and really, there should be no excuse anyway) front up, talk to the officers and explain. Don't run off, slam a gate in their face, slap them and then cry victim. What a complete load of utter crap.

Mate, I'm thankful for the AOs. Because they have a crap job that divides the scum in the public from the normal people. This chick is below scum. Watch the video, listen to the audio - you quite simple do not speak to or treat anyone the way she was treating those officers. Her friend is no better. This girl was the one in the wrong, and unfortunately because 30,000 people have obviously copped fines from ticket inspectors in their lives, we're getting a very skewed opinion in this saga. The media have always been the lowest life form, but their biased reporting on this story is worse than usual. There should be more support for the AOs who came to work for the day and ended up going home with spit in their face and slap across the cheek. I don't know what's more disgusting, what that lowlife girl did or the idiots that are supporting her.

Peter Spyker wrote: I hope this guy gets sacked and is never employed by anyone, ever again. Violent thugs should be ostracised from our society.

The only thug in that video was a 15 year old fare evading brat. You're right though, she will be ostracised and will never be employed with an attitude like that.
This petition is simply a case of the proverbial village idiots raising this child after the parents have relinquished responsibility

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  kapow Junior Train Controller

Well Smart Alec, inform us all how you would deal with such a situation or are just making a gratuitous remark for no particular reason.

Actually the scum out there have quickly taken up on the You Tube video as I politely advised a 25 something female that smoking was not permitted in an enclosed shopping centre and she remarked "I don't give a stuff, what are you going to do about it, assault me?" They are all just scum that think they can do what they like with impunity.
I am a Bar Manager and get confonted with abusive and sometimes violent patrons far to often, at no stage do I ever have to tackle people to the ground, the people I talk about act quite alot more aggressively than this girl but the situation can be dealt with without spear tackling somebody. She did the wrong thing but no matter how she acted it was on the AO to deal with the situation without resorting to a violent act, it was a 15 year old girl not some amped up mid twenty's male throwing punches ( I also think even if that was the situation you should still attempt to take the higher ground). I do not excuse her actions whatsoever but the AO did the wrong thing and I don't see how people can defend his actions, I don't think he should be fired but he should have to do some sort of retraining as clearly what training he has had is insufficient.

Oh and nswtrains how was I being a Smart Alec? Feel free to take a different view but getting personal is unnecessary
  KRviator Moderator

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The reactions here are unfortunately typical "She did wrong so she deserves what she got'.
Absolute rubbish. The inspectors should be trained better. In slamming her down on the ground she could easily have been killed or permanently incapacitated. Is that an OK result for not having a ticket?
Violence should not beget violence in any situation, and if you think it is OK then you are sadly ignorant.
She wasn't body-slammed for not having a ticket. She was taken down because she attacked an AO in the performance of his duties, just as you would be taken down just as quickly if you punched a police officer in the face if they tried to give you an infringement notice for jaywalking. IF you don't believe me, try it on and let us know the result...

So because she committed two felonies, which would get her little more than a hefty fine in court, she deserves to suffer the risk of death?
The Blacksmith
No such things as felonies in Australia, but I get where you're coming from. And yes, she does. She hit an AO in the face - and you're probably right, it would only result in a fine, however, any offence where you have used physical violence should result in a period of jail. IT is because "it would only result in a fine" that she did it in the first place, this kind of scrote is not afraid of the justice system. Who's to say her punch to the head of the AO wouldn't have caused him to black out and hit his head on the concourse? Wouldn't you agree that carries the risk of death, given the instances we've seen of that happening lately?

For god's sake, it is a ticketing offence, not murder or anything even vaguely similar.