NR75 Ghan, and 830 class modelled in lego

  adam49 Beginner

Hey folks great resource page you have here.

Quick introduction, due to the growing interest in motive power by my son, and the coupling that with my own interest in modelling, we have started to build and make trains from Lego. I like the hands on play factor and flexibility with the toy train rather than a proper model train that he has to keep his hands off! I live in Adelaide and and am very new to the world of trains (although the visit to the Nat railway museum was wonderful learning curve)

I'll be quick and rather than bore with explanations I'll just post some of my pics, and answer questions as required. All elements are exclusively Lego except the decals which are custom.

I will post my ck class if these are well received.

please enjoy (my 3 year son certainly does! )


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  Erail Locomotive Fireman

Love the NR, nice work. Lego is too much fun so I love to see you have made these aussie locos out of it.
please post more!
  Baggi Junior Train Controller

Location: Germany
G´day adam49,
Look´s great, thank´s for showing us.

  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Reminds me of this seen at Liverpool this year.... Lego modelling to great to see
  Scooter_Guy Chief Train Controller

Location: Adelaide, SA. Suburb: Redwood Park
Nice work!
There is a computer software called LEGO Digital Designer!
It's free for anyone to download & use!

Are you going to make passenger carriages for the Ghan loco too?
  Lazarus Train Controller

Location: Missouri, USA
Very impressive work.

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