9 Carriages for VLine on Bendigo Line

  Gman_86 Chief Commissioner

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V/Line already stop at plenty of stations where the platforms are shorter than the train. Shouldn't selective door opening be getting implemented regardless of 9 carriage trains? Some stations can't even handle a 3 car vlocity let alone 9 car.

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  Camster Chief Commissioner

Location: Geelong
Perhaps Gwiwer really means Gisbourne Street in Forrestdale, Queensland Confused
Link: http://www.whereis.com/qld/forestdale/gisbourne-st#session=MTE=

Gisborne NZ, Gwiwer, Gisborne.

Oh, and I am so looking forward to 9 cars on the Geelong line. When I sit in the rear most car, it means that I will be well and truly far away from the hoi polloi who decide to sit up front in the 1st few cars Laughing
I like the rear carriages when I go the the city from Geelong too. However, I get frustrated when my train pulls up in a B platform and have to walk further. On the other hand, I was cool when the train pulled up at 8 south once.
  Watson374 Chief Commissioner

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In NSW, G-sets and OSCARs have "Selective Door Control" to deal with short platforms. It is not known if this is done automatically, or whether it is done manually by the guard.

Short Platforms are marked "SP4" or "SP6", etc, in timetables, booklets, and on internal train destination indicators, and of course announcements by the guard.

On single deck trains, it is easy to walk through from a car alongside a platform to a car that is not. Not so easy with double deck trains, not found in Vic. The newer trains in NSW have inter-car doors that are as wide as possible, and allow two people to walk through at the same time. Are carriages in VIC like this?
As I understand it, Selective Door Control is guard-operated in all circumstances. In the event the doors are to be opened by passengers, it is my understanding that the guard 'unlocks' the appropriate doors for passengers to 'open' using the passenger door control buttons.

I know metropolitan trains in Victoria have inter-car connections with doors - except the Siemens sets, which have fully-open gangways - but I cannot recall the exact configuration of V/Line inter-car connections (but I am fairly certain they have intra-set walk-through capability), but because V/Locity consists are built up from two-car and three-car sets, trains may not necessarily be walk-through from end to end.

I agree that building up train lengths is not the way to go with the V/Line commuter services. Nine cars once an hour isn't especially useful compared to, say, four cars half-hourly. This is the problem with the 'flagship' concept - you end up with some trains that are two cars and empty and others that are seven cars and overflowing. Hopefully, with the reduced congestion that the Regional Rail Link is supposed to bring, the frequency on the Geelong/Marshall, Ballarat/Wendouree and Bendigo/Eaglehawk services will be increased to provide a more balanced, more frequent and more reliable service for customers.
  gomer Train Controller

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This is the situation  VLP currently run 7 car V/Locities  (made up of 3 + 2 + 2) on Peak Geelong services only. IIRC platforms were extended at Nth Melbourne (5 & 6), Geelong, Sth Geelong and Marshall to handle 7 car trains .  (Nth Geelong & Lara were already long enough).

With a view to operating longer VL consists VLP has trialled selective door opening on longer VL Consists to avoid platform lengthening .  At this time there are no plans to run longer than 6 - 7 cars VL consists, rather in the first instance to run additional peak services once RRL opens.

The current order for 40 extra V/Locity cars will see all remaining 2 car sets built up to 3 cars, plus some extra 3 car sets. This arrives at a standardized fleet of 3 car consists which at least in the medium term will be operated as either 3 or 6 car consists.

With the RRL project IIRC the platforms at Southern Cross (15/16), and at Footscray (New 3 & 4), and Sunshine will be 220m long to allow for up to 9 cars in future if required.  

The only line that really justifies 9 car operation is Geelong where on limited stop trains  Lara is easily extended at the Up end, Nth Geelong at the Down end,  Geelong at the Up end.  Sth Geelong and Marshall would require expensive signalling and track work.

On the Bendigo and Ballarat lines platform lengthening would be required at many locations to operate even 6 car V/Locity consists at all stations . There has been talk of VLP proceeding with slective platform lengthenings at some bendigo line stations to accept 6 car consists .
Just a couple of corrections Lara is still only capable of handling 6 cars as the flagships no