Gheringhap Sightings w/e 28/12/2013

  GheringhapLoop GEEWONG

Location: Gheringhap Vic 3331
Gheringhap Sightings w/e 28/12/2013.

There were 84 sightings for this week. This is 44 sighting less than last week.

We have seen 18 sightings on the B/G this week, which is 16 sightings less than last week. We saw 16 PN grain trains.
On the S/G we have seen 66 trains, which is 28 sighting less than last week. We have seen 11 PN grain trains.

Hope you all have a very happy and safe New Year.

Regards, Graham Elliott.
Gheringhap Loop is at the 82/83 Kp post South West of Melbourne Australia.
Please visit Gheringhap Loop Sightings.

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  bevans Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Noting there is an Occupation of the SG and BG tracks into and out of Melbourne this weekend.  The BG and BG through Sunshine is effectively unavailable.  As a result there were two Vlocity transfers between Melbourne and Ballarat via Gheringhap yesterday.


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