Maldon Steam Spectacular October 26th 2013

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Y112 hauling a mainline train from Melbourne to Castlemaine? Hardly realistic. Maybe pre-RFR, but not now. If it was still duel trackage, again, maybe. For starters, the tender only has capacity for 2200 gallons of water. This means that you have to either water on the run from a water gin (not impossible, but it does limit the amount of carriages you can haul, which in turn affects patronage), or stop to water the loco at regular intervals. The second and biggest problem you'd have is that the Y is limited to 60km/h maximum. Try getting V/Line to agree with running that amongst V'Locities - you'd be stuck in one of the loops for hours. Best to let the Y make it's way up light engine at night when it can't disrupt anything.

Strengthening bridges? Why? The VGR is a branchline. Why go to all that expense of strengthening something, when the heavier locos would only use it on odd occasions? Not very realistic at all.
Barrington Womble
Yes, the points you make about Y112 running on the main line are quite valid, it sounds near impossible to run it these days. Perhaps it is time for it to be a regular at say the VGR. True the expense of strengthening may not make it viable but, with the upgrading of the rail from 60 to 80lb soon to commence, it may be able to be incorporated within these works. Bridges may already be strong enough, I am not sure that it has been investigated that closely, probably not at all, at this stage.
What future would you like to see for Y112?  With all the man hours and expense to restore the loco, it seems wasted having it run a local shuttle once a year.

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What I would like for Y112 doesn't come into it. It's up to Sovereign Hill Museums Association (who own the loco), and the people who care for it. I know that she needs a fair bit of work repairing/replacing cracked wheels etcetera, so regular use is out of the question at the moment. I'm happy enough to see it do it's local shuttles once a year, but that's me.

Regarding the upgrade of the line between Muckleford and Maldon, let's wait until it actually happens first. I know it'll happen, but I wouldn't want to put any undue pressure on the workforce up there, because it is not my place to do so (I'm no longer a member, despite always being interested in what they're achieving). I don't know exactly how they'd strengthen the bridges, as I understand many are near enough new structures between Castlemaine and Muckleford. Muckleford Creek trestle would be about the only hurdle, as I believe it still carries a 10Mph speed restriction due to some of the pilework or decking (can't remember which). Muckleford Creek trestle is the only bridge between Muckleford and Maldon. There were two small trestles between the 87 Mile peg and Bendigo Road, but they were replaced by concrete pipes and backfilled in the early 1990's.
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I reckon keep the Maldon line as close as possible (without compromising safety) to being an authentic VR branch line.

I also agree with Mr Womble that Y112 needs to be nursed, not thrashed every 2nd weekend.  Be glad it's still not on a plinth...

If it ever did venture to Maldon - it would either have to be done at 1:00am or the Vic Govt restores the Maryborough - Castlemaine line (good luck with that).
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Re Cracked wheels.

Contact Canberra ARHS they had a lot of success with welding and filling with 1210's wheels ! 1210 hopefully will be in service in the near future the reasons that is not in service at the moment have nothing to do with the wheels!  

Good luck with the Y class when I saw the videos of it running to Melbourne it brought back a lot of memories of 1210 as they are both green!
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I'm sure Steamrail are aware of 1210's repairs. Even back in WCR days, there was talk of new driving wheel castings. They couldn't justify the costs at the time, so it never happened.