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Russian Railways Logistics to provide temperature controlled delivery services
01 March 2014 Russia

Russian Railways Logistics, a subsidiary of Russian Railways Holding, successfully organized trial low temperature delivery of electronic goods from Chongqing, China, to Europe (Duisburg, Germany) in cooperation with YuXinOu (Chongqing) Logistics Co., Ltd., RZD Logistics joint venture.
The cargo was shipped in insulated and refrigerated containers with integrated diesel generators to maintain optimum temperature. According to Pavel Lagov, RZD Logistics Sales Director, the company analyzed diversity of transit cargo transported from China to Europe and developed the proposal aimed at minimizing seasonal traffic fluctuations when delivering high-tech goods in winter due to low temperature.
Delivery time on transit route linking six countries, namely China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany, amounted to 16 days. Specialized container equipment allowed to maintain and to control cargo temperature throughout the journey and to deliver high-tech electronics fully operational. Lagov expressed RZDL confidence in efficiency and reliability of the service and readiness to organize temperature controlled delivery of high-tech and any other type of cargo from Asia to Europe, Russia and CIS throughout the year. YuXinOu (Chongqing) Logistics Co., Ltd. is a joint venture founded by the Transport Holding Chongqing (CQCT), China Railway International Multimodal Transport (CRIMT), JSC Russian Railways Logistics, Schenker China Ltd. and JSC Kaztransservice, was registered in Chongqing (China) in May 2012.
Russian Railways Logistics owns 16.3 % of YuXinOu share. The company provides freight forwarding, customs clearance, consulting and other services on Europe-Asia route. JSC Russian Railways Logistics, Russian Railways Holding subsidiary was founded in 2010 for the purpose of develop-ment of logistics business.
In cooperation with Russian Railways subsidiaries and leading global transportation companies RZD logistics offers high-quality delivery solutions for its customers all over the world.
Since the company was established in 2010 RZDL organized delivery of 7 mn tons of cargo.
Russian Railways Logistics offers rail, road and sea-freight, intermodal transportation, storage and terminal handling, customs and insurance services, supply chain management.

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Backhaul freight service on the Zhengzhou-Hamburg railway will commence on March 30


Backhaul freight service on the Zhengzhou-Hamburg railway will commence on March 30 on a monthly schedule, Xinhua reports.
Since last July, the service has made 20 runs, rising to weekly frequency, which to be increased to twice weekly in May from Zhengzhou, the capital Henan province.
The 51-car freight stops at 14 stations including Poland's Malaszewicze, Moscow, Duisburg and Hamburg on its 15 day journey from Zhengzhou on the Yellow River, equidistant from Beiing and Shanghai.
Since the launch of the Zhengzhou-Europe cargo railway service, some of the European clients have moved their warehouses to Zhengzhou (pop 8 million), where cost is lower than in Europe, said Ge Ruisi, a sales manager from a local manufacturer.
In addition to Chongqing and Chengdu, which also run similar services, Hefei (pop 1.6 million) 200 kilometres west of Shanghai, and Xi'an (pop 8.4 million) 400 kilometres to the west of Zhengzhou, are also applying to launch their own China-Europe rail services.
As China becomes the largest trading nation, the Eurasian Land Bridge may become one of the busiest cargo transport routes, says Xinhua.
This has changed the conventional cargo distribution methods and the time between a product going down a production line and going to market, Mr Ge said.
European clients are moving production facilities eastwards because of Zhengzhou-Hamburg railway's schedule and transit times which are half that of ocean shipping and costs that are 70 per cent less than air freight.
Mr Ge said such advantage may turn the northern city into a production and distribution centre for European brands.
Zhengzhou is already a rail and road centre, and is also developing into an air hub. The city has UPS, DHL and Alibaba's Cainiao, which have taken and provided freight for the rail service.
Cai Xuejun, a manager of Shanghai logistics company said that Zhengzhou already has a well-developed multi-modal network, which accelerated distribution and shortened collect of payments.
For example, if a company buys mostly electronic products, the value of a single rail car of goods can be about CNY3 million (US$487,000) and that of several cars can be tens of millions. Earlier collection of outstanding payments means faster capital turnover, which will accelerate the entire operation, said Mr Cai.
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Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe rail service to start two to three runs a week


The Chongqing government and Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe freight rail operator have jointly announced that the service will start two to three runs a week in April and will no longer suspend operation in winter, Xinhua reports.
Zhou Shulin, general manager of Yuxinou Logistics, the rail operator, said that after three year's operation with priority for IT products, they have now decided to carry all kinds of freight.
The service will be upgraded to twice a week on Tuesday and Saturday, thrice a week in the period from June to November