What Steam Locomotives will be at the Maitland Steam Festival ?

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With the Maitland Steam Fest just one week away.And it being a BIG attraction for the Hunter area and a lot of Train Enthusiasts interested in being there.Could somebody with a bit of 'inside knowledge' be able to provide us keen Photographers,with a bit of Information.
Perhaps a timetable of the Arrival of the Locomotives from Sydney and where they will be Positioned in the Maitland Area. The weekend timetable and the departing timetable on Monday.
I hear a rumour it could be Telarah,but exactly would be a better help.
People of all ages and sexes are attracted to Steam Trains, and the Maitland Steam Festival is a Great chance for Fathers to treat their litle Boys to seeing a Live Steam Train in action and operation.

It also promotes the Railway system,as many travel on the Railcars to Maitland from Newcastle and Sydney just for the events of the days.

Any help on this matter would be gretly appreciated.

Torana. Kings Park.N.S..W

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