Steamrail Maldon Weekend

  Quambatook Junior Train Controller

As I post, the train must be underway. Have fun to all those associated with it this weekend.
Hoping to catch up with it down south at Gisborne on its return on Sunday.
Best regards...

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  Michelle12 Moderator Photo Overlord

Location: Melbourne
K153-T356 departing Southern Cross station on Friday 15/8/2014

Arriving at Sunbury station

Taking on water at Sunbury
  Michelle12 Moderator Photo Overlord

Location: Melbourne
Arriving at Kyneton shortly after midnight on Saturday 16/8/2014

Taking on water at Kyneton

  bevans Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Images are now coming through the Gallery module. Some good pics.
  Michelle12 Moderator Photo Overlord

Location: Melbourne
The 8096 return trip from Castlemaine left on time, but ended up late arriving into Gisborne. They did not stop at Gisborne station but had 'pulled up' hundreds of metres before the level crossing for V Line trains to pass through. The train arrived at Southern Cross station at 17:05.
Here the shots I took on this return trip :

Tackling Chewton Bank

Approaching Fryers Tunnel Hill Rd bridge on the approach to Elphinstone tunnel

  Michelle12 Moderator Photo Overlord

Location: Melbourne
Passing through Taradale

Approaching Calder Highway bridge as the train nears Malmsbury

Proceeding toward the level crossing at Gisborne station
  freightgate Minister for Railways

Location: Albury, New South Wales
Terrific photographs as usual Michelle. Thank you once again for sharing.

Some overcast work on most. Did the sun shine at all during the return trip ?
  Michelle12 Moderator Photo Overlord

Location: Melbourne
Thanks Freightgate. The sun had ducked behind the clouds at the Chewton location and was out in full force at Elphinstone. The further the train made it's way back towards Melbourne, the more overcast/ordinary the weather became.
  VBAndy Chief Commissioner