Puffing Billy Shakedown Trip to Gembrook, September 1998

  duttonbay Minister for Railways

I'm after some help here.  Whilst scanning my slides I came across a group of photos labelled "Puffing Billy Shakedown Trip" but which are undated. I know it was during September 1998, but would like to know the actual date.  

My photos start with 8A and 12A after arrival on a double headed train:


However there are also photos showing a green NA around - the number is not readable, perhaps 7A?  (Was that ever green):


Anyway, can anybody help me with an actual date for this event, with three NAs present at Gembrook?

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  CAP_gauge Junior Train Controller

Sorry, cannot help with a date for that event. Was hoping to find it recorded in "Light Railways" but it wasn't.

7A was definitely green, for quite a long time. I have seen it double heading with a green 6A, a magnificent sight!

  duttonbay Minister for Railways

Sorry, cannot help with a date for that event. Was hoping to find it recorded in "Light Railways" but it wasn't.

Thanks Frank. First place I looked...   I guess second place will be Narrow Gauge, but that's outside in an unlit shed, so will have to wait until tomorrow.
  Bullucked Assistant Commissioner

Was this one of the trips put on for the volunteers involved in the reconstruction of the line? My memories are becoming a bit dim now.
  randomnarwhal Locomotive Driver

According to Weston Langford, 12th of September 1998.
  duttonbay Minister for Railways

September 12 it is.  Thanks randomnarwhal.
  Valvegear Oliver Bullied, CME

Location: Norda Fittazroy
I will agree with September 12th as well. It seems that three locos may have gone to Gembrook that day. Weston says 8 & 12 in a couple of his shots but both of those were black
Extreme right in the photo looks to me like Don Marshall. Second from left is the late Ron Picking who drove "his" beloved 8A. Not sure about the firemen, although I suspect the big bloke second from right may be Phil A'Vard. The only green loco at that time was 7A; 8A and 12A were black, 14A was red, and 6A was still some distance away from being operational.

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