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  Shazam75 Chief Commissioner

Location: Brisbane

FOR SALE: Austrains Y Class VR colour scheme - Y164 - $220 + $15 postage.

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  Dazz Deputy Commissioner


I have the following kits for sale, prices are what I paid for them / I guess what they still go for / am open to sensible offers.

1x AR Kits / Lloyds NSWGR 421 Class Locomotive Kit with K&M Mechanism. $205.00

SOLD - 1x InFront Models NSW ABV "High Arched Roof" Covered Van kit. $44.00

SOLD - 1x Hanovle Model Castings N021: NSW 46000L Oil Tank - Riveted Underframe 1950's - Mid 1990's kit. $40.00

SOLD - 2x IDR Railway Castings KF / CKF Flat Wagon kits. $20.00 each

The 421 Kit I paid $205.00 for in 2008, I'm open to sensible offers, and apart from cleaning the main body casting of flash and trial dry fitting a couple of the windows it is un-started, and has a brand new K&M mechanism with it. Not sure you can even buy these any more, so for someone who loves building kits it may be of interest.

PM me with offers.

  CLF6 Station Master

Austrains NR84 'Southern Cross' - Used, but in excellent condition and runs perfectly with all lights working as they should. Box is also in great condition, but I don't have the authentication certificate. DCC not installed.
PM me for more photos if desired.
  d50au Beginner

NSW outline for sale

SOLD - DJH D50 kit $380
- DJH D59 kit $380
SOLD - DJH Z12 kit $350
SOLD - DJH 30T 6wheel tender as per original kit $40
SOLD - AR kits 44 class diesel kit with mech ( main body in primer coat) $150
- Lloyds 40 class diesel (green) needs handrails and cab side decal to finish $150
SOLD - Casula CPH with KM mech, will require you to install 4 mounting blocks inside body for KM mech (basic kit bash, otherwise standard casula kit) $150

- 21 Casula RU wheat hopper kits with 21 Ian Lindsay RU detail kits (very nice castings) $330
- 2 Casula FO passenger kits / 4 Sydney hobbies TE flat wagons $100
- 3 Bergs CV wagon kits / 8 Casula S wagon kits $100
SOLD - 4 Tortoise slow motion switch machines / 1 switch master slow motion switch machine $50

Post is flat $10 per order, I'll pick up the difference or refund as required

Last chance.The remaining items are going to eBay and the open market 12/12/14 at 6pm....
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