Authority behind East West Link ditched

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  JoppaJunction Chief Train Controller

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The authority that was responsible for the former Napthine government's dumped East West Link road project is to be disbanded.

On Tuesday, staff at the Linking Melbourne Authority were told it would be wound up.

A statement from Treasurer and acting Roads Minister Tim Pallas said the government recognised the expertise of staff at the authority in delivering major infrastructure.

Mr Pallas said the Transport Department was now working with the authority to retain key staff and redirect them to work on other projects.
Authority behind East West Link ditched

The project is finally dead.

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  TheBlacksmith Chief Commissioner

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Yes. And back in the days of the Cain government, Labor killed off the idea of joining the Monash and South-Eastern freeways, then proceeded to sell of the land that had been acquired, only to have to buy it all back again when common sense prevailed and they had to eat crow and connect the two.
  freightgate Minister for Railways

Location: Albury, New South Wales
It is encouraging resources which had been allocated to the defunct east west project will now be working on the level crossing removals.

This may help to move things along a little faster as there are a lot of crossings to do.

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