CFCLA Locomotive names?

  Yuun Yii Beginner

Location: Sydney, Australia
Hi all.

I am just wondering if there was a list somewhere of all the CFCLA locomotives names (the race horses names). I have tried searching online, but the only information I've found so far was a page on the Auscision website with some information regarding the EL classes. I'd like to know the names of the other locos as well. Any info is much appreciated.


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  Jim K Train Controller

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Beside the ELs, ones I know are:

CF4412: Black Caviar
VL351: Danehill
VL352: Makybe Diva
VL353: Comic Court
VL354: Van der Hum
VL355: Black Knight
VL356: Gatum Gatum
VL357: Empire Rose
VL358: Vintage Crop
VL362: Efficent

G512: Peter Pan
G515: Rising Fast

  sashmo Chief Commissioner

Location: Brisbane Qld
Hope these help. GL class names.

GL101     Think Big    
GL102     Sunline    
GL103     Brew    
GL104     Jezabeel    
GL105     Lets Elope    
GL106     Subzero    
GL107     Rogan Josh    
GL108     Rain Lover    
GL109     Just a Dash    
GL110     Tawriffic    
GL111     Galilee    
GL112     Jeune
  w44 Station Staff

cf4411 - Revenue
  nscaler69 Deputy Commissioner

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I am unsure how up to date it is.
  Yuun Yii Beginner

Location: Sydney, Australia
Thank you everyone. Much appreciated. Smile

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