Fare evaders fined $4800 on Melbourne transport - and Sunday is worst day for freeloaders

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Fare evaders fined $4800 on Melbourne transport - and Sunday is worst day for freeloaders - http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/fare-evaders-fined-4800-on-melbourne-transport-and-sunday-is-worst-day-for-freeloaders/story-fnpp4dl6-1227438507170?utm_content=SocialFlow&utm_campaign=EditorialSF&utm_source=HaraldSun&utm_medium=Facebook

FARE dodgers are coughing up more than $4800 in fines every hour on Melbourne’s public transport network.

In just one year, 250,097 passengers were busted for not having a valid ticket.

Ticket cops have upped the ante on freeloaders and check about 1.3 million tickets a month. A Public Transport Victoria snapshot into fare evasion reveals:

BUS travellers were the biggest fare evaders on any mode of transport;

NO ticket was the biggest offence, followed by using a concession card when not entitled to it;

TRAIN passengers riding the Werribee and Williamstown line attempt to freeload more than any other passenger travelling on a Metro train;

TRAM fare evasion dropped to 4.8 per cent, its lowest point, compared to a 20.3 per cent high in 2011.

SUNDAY was the biggest day for fare evasion on the train network, while Saturday was for trams;

COMMUTERS on tram routes 11, travelling from West Preston to Victoria Harbour at Docklands, and 86, running from Bundoora RMIT to Waterfront City Docklands, had the highest rates of offending;

OF those caught, the number who had money on the myki and those who had empty cards were almost the same.

How does your line rate?


The fare evasion report also revealed the relentless campaign at freeloaders was working with 95 per cent of passengers travelling with a valid myki pass. It is the highest figure since data started being collected in 2005.

The amount lost to fare dodgers has been slashed from $80 million in 2011-12, when Victoria switched to the trouble-plagued myki, to $38.2 million this year.

Victoria’s new cut-price fines for fare evaders, who pay $75 on the spot led to 69,827 passengers taking up the option while 170,270 opted for the $217 infringement.

The penalty started in August last year was aimed at speeding up enforcement, snaring more cheats and filling government coffers faster. /

Bus passengers continue to be an issue for authorities with many still refusing to tap on but more are being nabbed with ticket inspectors now travelling on buses.

The highest offending rates are from those boarding buses from shopping centres with Northland topping the list.

PTV chief executive officer Mark Wild said money saved on fare cheats would go towards improving public transport across Victoria.

I Like their transport icons on the page. Wink

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