New Shelf Layout [Feedback Wanted]

  flewy69er Locomotive Fireman

Hey all,

So I'm starting my first well second layout but this will be a more serious layout with things done right from what I've learnt over the years. I've got roughly 9' x 4' to work with and I've come up with some sort of a plan but I feel its lacking something and I can't get my head around this. Any feedback or input would be amazing (see photo).


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  Shazam75 Chief Commissioner

You need to tell us bit more!  What scale?   How high off the ground?  will you be able to reach the far end given the height?  Do you want to display your locos hence this type of engine depot theme, Do you want/need a refueling point????? The closest track doesn't seem to connect to anything - what is this track for? etc on and on..


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