New 'Tumulla Bank + Plus' route available for download

  BrianBS Locomotive Driver

I am pleased to announce that my latest NSWGR route "Tumulla Bank + Plus V2.0" is now available for download.

The route is co-hosted on the Coals to Newcastle site:

The route covers the NSWGR Main West lines from Wallerawang to Orange East Fork around the 1950's / 1960's era. It also includes the branch line from Tarana to Oberon and part of the cross-country Cowra line, from Blayney to Carcoar. This route incorporates and replaces the early Tumulla Bank 1.6 route by Chris Nelson. This route completes 'the missing link' between where my 'Short West + Short South' leaves off, and where Chris Nelson's 'Central West' begins - you can now drive from Sydney right through to Dubbo - split across three routes.

The route has been extensively revised to suit running under the Open Rails Version 1.0 and later simulation software (by removing dependency on default MSTS objects and terrain textures). However, as the route was built using the MSTS Route Editor, it should also run satisfactorily under MSTS. You must have the latest X-Tracks installed as well as the latest NewRoads installed. It will also require my custom NSWGR Buffer Stops to be installed (see CTN downloads). OR users can get better realism by adjusting the SuperElevation setting to 2, and the viewing distance from the default 2000m to either 4000m or 5000m.

A few select users may already have this route (in its earlier form), as it was included as a bonus route for those who ordered the NSW-NW V3.0 route on DVD. Note the NSW-NW V3 is not currently available, as I do NOT have a DVD burner after the crash of my previous PC - as I have no real use for a DVD burner, the purchase of one is NOT on my radar). The main difference between the former DVD version and this download version is the replacement of default objects and terrain textures, otherwise it is the same route. This route has greater realism, so if you do have the earlier version, it is recommended that you download and replace it with this new upgraded version.

I intend making a pack of about 15 activities for this route, which will be available in due course, but these activities may only run on OR, as OR has some differences to MSTS in activity development. I make no guarantee that any of these activities will work satisfactorily under MSTS. OR has some considerable differences in the specification of .eng and .wag files - please note all my future rolling stock releases will only be available for OR. I simply do not have the time to make both OR and MSTS files to suit, especially as MSTS is in its twilight years. There is more than enough existing compatible MSTS rolling stock to satisfy remaining MSTS users.

I hope you enjoy running trains over the NSWGR Main West

Brian Bere-Streeter (and Chris Nelson) - October 2015

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  superheatedsteam Deputy Commissioner

Location: Perth, WA
Nice work there Brian (and Chris). Thanks for sharing.


  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

I am absolutely blown away, excellent work Brian and of course Chris SmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile

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