Y112 Steamer travelling from Ballarat to Newport via RRL on 7th November 2015

  waynes Junior Train Controller

Location: Victoria
This locomotive is being transferred from Ballarat to Newport this coming Saturday and is scheduled at this stage to run via North Geelong and the RRL which if occurs would make it the first steam locomotive to travel on the new RRL track.

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  Loco Administrator Railpage 2 Developer

Location: Melbourne
*** Y112 Transfer *** - Saturday 7th November Y112 heads back from Ballarat to have some work done over the summer period at Newport Workshops and then will be available for our Open Days over the Labour Day long weekend in March next year. The Y class is scheduled to depart Ballarat at 9am arriving at Geelong Loco at 11.15am for servicing. Departure for Newport will be at 12.10pm with Y112 being the oldest steam locomotive and the first steam locomotive to travel over the newly opened Regional Rail Link track between Manor Junction and Deer Park Junction. Arrival at Newport Workshops after running direct from Geelong to Newport via the RRL and Brooklyn will be at 2.45pm.
Steamrail Victoria
Source - https://www.facebook.com/steamrail/posts/10156146049715627
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