[SA] Yantaringa Railway Station

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Hi all,

Living on the now-shut Bridgewater line, I have made it my business to find out where all the shut stations are/were. I have managed to find out where all the stations up to Mt Barker, bar one. The only one that I haven't found is Yantaringa railway station, between Bridgewater and Ambleside. If anyone had any info on the stations whereabouts, I would be most greatful.

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It's one of those stations that has disappeared, I believe it was at the end of Ambulance Rd.
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The railway line through Bridgewater is not shut.

Wikipedia has the following information.

Yantaringa railway station was located about 41 kilometres from [color=#0b0080]Adelaide railway station. Yantaringa (which takes its name from an aboriginal word for "big lookout"[color=#0b0080][1][/color]) was on the[color=#0b0080]Melbourne-Adelaide railway[/color] in the Adelaide Hills suburb of [color=#0b0080]Verdun[/color], and is a few hundred metres to the east of the Yantaringa Tunnel.[color=#0b0080][2][/color][/color]
The station/siding opened in the late 19th century (c1883).[[color=#0b0080]citation needed][/color]
In 1925 it became a stopping place for rail motors.[color=#0b0080][3][/color]
The station/siding closed in 1964.[color=#0b0080][4][/color]
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If you've got the National Railway Museum DVD featuring Kym Bird's movies, there's a couple of shots of it in there, including in a demolished state. It was just a wooden step down with a name board, nothing substantial.

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