Lithgow ZIG ZAG CEO resigns amid claims the Board is 'Dysfunctional'

  gordon_s1942 Chief Commissioner

Location: Central Tablelands of NSW
This announcement is in the article titled 'No Light at the end of the Zig Zag tunnel' printed on page 2 of the Lithgow Mercury on Friday April 22 2016.
Suffice to say from my reading of the article is that the chances of the Zig Zag resuming any sort of service 'Soon' is highly unlikely and bad enough to suggest that things are in such a state at present it will remain that way possibly until the end of this decade!!

Heading the article is a picture taken of three men engaged in vandalising a carriage taken by Hikers who took more pictures and allege these 3 were also responsible for the derailing a carriage.

The 3 men in question are NOT Juveniles but appear to be in their very late teens to early 20's and the picture of them has been released by the Police with a request to be advised if any of the 3 can identified.

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  TheFish Chief Train Controller

Location: Pyongyang
As most people will understand the pressure that have been on the railway with the misfortunes of the past few years have been very great indeed.  It is the way of things that different opinions and personalities can be heightened at such times compared with when times are good.

Without going into details beyond those with which I'm familiar, and as a member who was a relatively impartial observer (with no direct involvement in the different sides of the debate) it was clear to me and most members that the organisation was suffering from a deadlock at board level.  Communication with membership was very poor.  This is not the fault of any individual board member but neither was it an acceptable situation to continue with for the greater good of the railway.  

Those board members who were voted out at the meeting that was held had failed to explain adequately the reasons why things were being run the way they were and how they would resolve the deadlock of the board.  Although the process was unfortunate in the way it occurred and various positions should have been made clearer upfront, at the end of the day it was the democratic opinion of the majority of members that these changes occurred.  There was adequate time from when the meeting was called for those board members who were voted out to justify themselves to the members.

Since the new board has commenced it is once again working well and communication to membership has greatly improved.  

It is still a hard road ahead but at least now we have a board with confidence of the majority of the membership.  I thank the former board members for their efforts and wish the new board the very best.
  Pressman Spirit of the Vine

Location: Wherever the Tin Chook or Qantas takes me
Link to the Lithgow Mercury story
  gordon_s1942 Chief Commissioner

Location: Central Tablelands of NSW
Some time ago a comment was made by QE11 that the Royal Family had a period she called 'Anno Horribilis' which simply meant they had been through a very bad year but the Zig Zag Trust has been through triple that and to see them still wanting to continue on is itself a Credit to both past and present members.
Let us hope the new board can bring all the problems it has been through to a conclusion and restore a great asset to the area as well as the enjoyment of running a Steam railway to the members and the general public.

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