Crews Extinguish 'Small Fire' Aboard A Disabled Metro Train


News article: Crews Extinguish 'Small Fire' Aboard A Disabled Metro Train

A passengerless Metro train en route to Stadium Armory stopped on the tracks this morning above Benning Road NE.

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Has Nicholas escaped and moved to the USA?

Crews Extinguish 'Small Fire' Aboard A Disabled Metro Train

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Metro is a mess. In addition to this fire, in the last three months-

-14/3/16 Cable fire shutting down service and filling tunnel with smoke
-14/3/16 Unrelated train stalling incident-passengers stuck on train in tunnel for an hour and a half until rescue
-23/4/16 Smoke/third rail incident that filled tunnels with smoke and nearly caused a fire
-27/4/16 arcing insulators cause smoke (at least 6 similar incidents that week)
-5/5/16 another insulator fire

The main problem is that Metro has been a dumping ground for DC political appointees and so has ineffective management. Add in a lack of a dedicated funding source causing deferred maintenance for over 2 decades, effectively no regulatory insight*, a nonexistent safety culture, and you get this.

*Metro gets to make up THEIR OWN regulations and can ADD or DELETE them AT WILL! They can choose to ignore the Federal Transit Agency's recommendations if they choose, and there are effectively no penalties for noncompliance with Metro's regulations.

This situation is utterly insane and incredibly frustrating.

EDIT: Added links-
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Was probably not as serious as that, and I guess it might've been a one-off, but on a visit to DC last year we were stranded along with hundreds of others at one of the Mall stations (Gallery Place I think) when services were cancelled without warning and without explanation. On the plus side, the stations look great (if dimly-lit) although they're spaced quite a long way apart.

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