Ozrail SAR FB flat wagon

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Whether I identify myself on here or not has no bearing on whether my comments should be noted, respected, or duly disregarded if that's your prerogative.

The model will be basic at best and compared to OER, SDS, Auscision Models, OTR et al will be a poor, distant cousin sadly. Considering the calibre of Chris' previous efforts in the L vans (simply fantastic) and the CS vans (more than serviceable with different bogies) these are a bit of a step backwards.

My name is Joshua and I like trains. A pimply kid, nor a grumpy bugger am I (no wait, I take that back, I am a grumpy bugger).


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Hi all,
From Ozrails facebook page, "Staunchions will be supplied in box but not attached."
  allan Chief Commissioner

Hmmm. The clip out stanchion pockets (as on the photo of the grey wagon) give hope that the stanchions will be moulded with the pockets on, so that they can be securely clipped in. Keeping the stanchions on the BGB model was always a challenge.

A bigger issue for me is the distance between the bogie centres. There doesn't seem to be enough! There is a history of some disagreement, here. BGB opted for 30 scale feet, EOL has opted for 31 scale feet, while the SAR line drawing shows that the SAR thought that it was 32 feet...

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Perhaps we need perspective on this.... Let me quote a story about the famous Australian cricketer, Keith Miller.

During the Second World War, Keith Miller was a RAAF pilot. In 1945, he hit 185 at Lord's in a game against England. He was asked about the pressure of playing test cricket. His response...

"I'll tell you what pressure is. Pressure is having a Messerschmitt up your ar$e! Cricket is not!"  

(A Messerschmitt was a German fighter aircraft and hence trying to kill him!)

The point of this???? Model Trains is a HOBBY, it is not really that important to get worked up about.  As Roachie has said, buy the model, or not. If you don't like it, don't buy it.

Now, back to my life and death struggle with adding LED marker lights to my Brake Vans.... Incidentally, a ready to run item that I've decided to value add....

Good luck to all....
Please.... Please show me (us?Idea) how you do it. I have seen Victorian Z vans and Pass vans with externally hanging lamps illuminated (Auscision E Cars as well)  And I am desperate (Ha Ha) to do this myself. I am sure that I could do it, if I could work out how its done Ha Ha.
Do you have a blog?  or you could do it here on RP with photos as well?
Rod Young
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OT for the F wagons, but this page covers how I added lit marker lights to my Rocky River 720 (SAR) kit


One tip - make sure you paint or otherwise obscure the short ends of the LEDs; particularly if you use a more golden color, the short ends bleed blue light.

[Edit] - two other notes; I use Microscale's Krystal Kleer, and Tamiya transparent paints for the Red, Yellow & Green
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Production of FB's underway. some pics at https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1164025453639414&id=437968449578455&pnref=story
  David Peters Dr Beeching

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I am not going to take sides in who is right or not on here however getting back to the Ozrail FB wagons having now seen painted samples of these wagons the rivet detail is there. However it appears that the staunchions on the side are moulded in place, I could be wrong but that is how it looks to most people. So some of these moulded on staunchions cover rivet lines on the model and removing the moulded staunchions by cutting them off is not going to be an easy job or for the faint hearted. One other thing that upsets a lot of modellers I know is the paint job and lettering that is being shown on these wagons it is spartan to say the least and for the money asked for these cars could be a lot better, one hopes that the painted samples I have seen get corrected before final painting though. The lettering is minimal and the top of the wagon the wood deck is the same colour as the sides of the wagon. The deck at least could be painted a weathered wood colour.

Yes you can add decals for SAR shrikes etc but the price per pair of these wagons is actually asking top dollar for a second rate model. They are no where near Orient Express Reproduction's standards and I just hope that Orient Express do these wagons properly in the future. I was looking forward to getting some of the Ozrail FB's but think I might pass on these nice but could be a lot better for the price models!

I cannot get photo's up on here so could someone put some up of the painted pre production models to let all and sundry have a look please. In the mean time you can see them here on this website if you click on the link to it!


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