BGB Model, Update ?

  TWK Station Staff

Hi, new here, and newly back to model trains so be kind!

I've searched and read all the various BGB threads / issues etc.

Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but...

Is BGB still going / sold / back in business? Looks like some new items are popping up for sale in the usual spots, and keen to support a new owner with several purchases, but perhaps not so much if its still in the same hands?


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  allan Chief Commissioner

Still in the same hands...
  TWK Station Staff

Still in the same hands...
Thanks Allan - I was concerned based on the auction feeback that this may be the case.
  Streamliner Junior Train Controller

Location: NSW South Coast
Anything BGB did is being produced better by Orient express reproductions, Ozrail, Rocky river and Strath hobbies. With few exceptions like the steel cars, I wouldn't bother, save your sanity and buy from the 'new guys'
  David Peters Dr Beeching

Location: "With Hey Boy".
Consider BGB gone for good, it is still owned by the last owner and he is still up to his old tricks as well on E Bay. So if you want to save your sanity and your money then do what Streamliner suggested and get them from the new guys!
  TWK Station Staff

Thanks all. It was the undercarriage and roof detailing kits I was most interested in for lima ip/overland/gahn etc. Any alternatives out there?

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