Port Rail Shuttles For Melbourne At Last

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There have been 2 media items this week from actual players in the port-rail space who are pushing for Port-Rail shuttles with action.

SCT stated this week that they saw the future for them in growing port-rail shuttle business was linked to their long-haul interstate operations as a natural extension and stated they were ready to expand in this area.

Today the following news item from DP World also strengthens what the industry is doing:

DP World and Austrak announce inland port plans

Photo: Port of Melbourne Corporation

David Sexton - Melbourne
September 9, 2016

DP World Australia and Austrak have announced plans for a new intermodal freight hub at Austrak’s business park at Somerton, north of Melbourne.
The stevedore is to operate the new inland freight hub, to be known as Somerton Rail Port, positioned 23km north of the Port of Melbourne and Melbourne CBD.
The new facility is expected to be fully customs bonded and is to connect Somerton directly by rail shuttle with the Port of Melbourne.
Somerton Rail Port sits inside the 300 acre Somerton Business Park in an industrial area with direct road access to the Hume Highway and Somerton Road, and rail connections to the Port of Melbourne, South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.
DPWA chief commercial officer, Brian Gillespie, said the new Somerton