Cannot reply to any postings

  gordon_s1942 Deputy Commissioner

Location: Central Tablelands of NSW
For about the last three weeks I have been unable to make a reply or post a new thread.
When I do I get  a page headed Information and then it says its a phantom post mode , whatever that is.

Admin or moderator, please help !!!

For over THREE WEEKS I have NOT been able to do anything in these Forums and NOW, its working as NORMAL !!!

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  bevans Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Do you require assistance? There has been a code freeze for weeks.
  gordon_s1942 Deputy Commissioner

Location: Central Tablelands of NSW
Do you require assistance? There has been a code freeze for weeks.
Bevans, thanks for you reply but it would appear this problem like another has disappeared and I cant explain why it happened or why its now gone.
I was totaly amazed when I saw the message had been posted because I had tried everything I could think of to contact anyone connected to Railpage.
I am sorry but I have no idea what you mean by a 'Code Freeze' and what that would do to prevent me replying or opening a new thread in Railpage.
At the moment my Satellite Internet (SkyMuster) is having I believe a problem with the LNB overheating during the day and taking me Off Line.
Last Thursday I rang my ISP after it had been off for some time and 'they' tried to reconnect me and apparently went through whatever settings are used to do so and while the reconnection failed then, it did comeback the next morning before it got too hot and it went off again.
Oddly enough I believe there was a problem possibly caused when I did a WIN10 Update which also took out the Google Search Engine from the Firefox browser as it too is a now functioning normally !!

I am quietly waiting for a service call and if the LNB is at fault as suspected, I am hoping replacing it wont cause me any further problems like I have been encountering lately.

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