Clyde diesel locomotive builders plate question

  Bevan Wall Deputy Commissioner

I'm undertaking some research into the builders plates that Clyde fitted to the diesel locomotives that manufactured. There were two types of plates. To begin with the plates  had a red rising sun behind the phoenix, but sometime late in 1978 or early 1979 the plates were changed by removing the rising sun. It has been suggested to me that this was so the box that contained the serial number could be lengthened to accommodate then more complex designations that were starting to be used. What I'm trying to determine is the actual serial number from which this change was implemented. From photographic evidence I have been able to determine it was sometime between OR locomotive 2420 which carried serial number 78-862 on the first type of plate, and QR loco 2452 which was allocated serial number 79-917 on one of the new type plates.
Clyde used to have the plates produced in batches, so its probably reasonable to assume that locomotive 2423, the last in the first batch of 2400s, serial number 78-865, had an original type plate. Serial numbers 866 to 900 inclusive were allocated to locomotives Clyde rebuilt for the NZR over a three year period. Serial numbers 866 to 869 have 77 prefixes, 870 to 893 have 78, and 894 to 900 have 79. Serial numbers 79-901 to 79-925 were allocated to a batch of locomotives built for QR. Because I can confirm that one of the locos from that batch,  2452, had a new type plate I'm assuming that the first loco from the batch, 2150, with serial number 79-902, also had the new plate.
If anyone has photos that can help narrow the gap of when the change occurred or actually knows the serial number of the first new plate a post with that information will be very much appreciated.
Bevan Wall.

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