What do you want in Railroad Australia 2?

  menangletrains Beginner

This is an Annual Event held in Maitland N.S.W. This year the event runs in Maitland from Saturday 8 th of April and again on Sunday 9 th April,2017.

But as much as there are many other Events Steam Related held in the Maitland Area. Or at the nearby Paddock near the Railway Station, sometimes the lead up to the Event is another Good Day to record the Steam Locomotives Journeys From Thirlmere,near Picton to Maitland.

The timetable for the Trains leaving Thirlmere on the Friday and Returning on the Monday after the Event are shown on the HERITAGE EXPRESS page of the Thirlmere .

Maitland is a central Place to be As with the Departing times of the STEAM TRAINS. You also have to contend with the Arrival and Departure of the other Regular trains that normally operate during the day.

I.E. XPT North  and COAL TRAINS heading to the Port of Waratah, and those returning back to the coal mines, as well as general Freight trains.

So if you were to position yourself on the Overhead Bridge at the eastern End of MAITLAND you will be very suprised
How much movement you will capture.

And even to be there on the Friday Afternoon to see the STEAM TRAINS ARRIVE. and all of the shunting that goes on.

I hope that this has given you a bit of an insight into the MAITLAND STEAM FESTIVAL FOR 2017.

There is also another event- that is basically PRIVATE. but its at DORRIGO.  
i will find the details and you might like to contact the organiser, as its the place where all of the OLD TRAINS have been sent- for the price of SCRAP METAL. for a so called RAIL MUSEUM . Let me get back to you on this with the details.

Menangle.N.S.W.   i did the 2015 RAILROAD AUSTRALIA SERIES 6 in Port Augusta and the OCTOBER  roundhouse at Goulburn with you guys.

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  DBclass Chief Commissioner

Location: Western Australia
Thank you for producing the show in the first place, I quite enjoyed it, and I bought the dvd. I agree more technical aspects would be nice. Most shows gloss over that. Even workshop, rebuilding/ manufacturing, engine power unit change outs, everyday stuff for the shop guys.
Some locomotives at their limit would be good. While going through the Adelaide hills the loco's were struggling for traction, a bogie cam showing the AC traction at work would be good as you can't really get a good look at the wheels trackside, and that is an important feature of modern locomotives and frankly, very cool.

I was disappointed that the iron ore trains at FMG were not featured more as their I believe, the best in the region.

Someone mentioned Railroad Alaska. I didn't buy series two because I just couldn't stand the bloody train horn. They put the sound effect on way too much, and it really only pissed off the viewer.

Someone mentioned arguing with train control. I overheard a driver while at Werris Creek talking about work with his boss. Quite funny to hear what was said, but probably not a good look for the company.

Diamond Valley Miniature Railway could be featured. While not a full size railway, is really a railway and worth a look.
  trainguy84 Station Master


Well you will be able to see what is happening as I see that it starts on 11 May.

Looking forward to it starting
  awsgc24 Minister for Railways

Location: Sydney
Hornsby, NSW, has enough interesting things going on to fill a whole Railroad Australia program.

Lots of trains; lots of different kinds of trains, suburban, interurban, XPT, Xplorer, and freight, and even perway machines in their own siding.

Through trains, terminating trains.

Lots of signals with plenty of different aspects, mainline, shunt, route indicators, red, yellow, green, white.

Hornsby Maintenance Depot is around the corner, and you might study equipment changeover, etc.

Timed train stops entering Platform 2 (Down Shore). Arrange for a train to go a bit too fast and get tripped to a standstill. Will passengers get thrown out of their seats?

Study scissors crossovers and slip points.

Study the bell signals on the electric train. A passenger reports to guard an open door on a fuse box; guard gives 2 bells "Leaving Compartment" and goes to lock box.

Study old signal box, moved out of way of Platform 5 track. Is this junction still controlled locally from Hornsby?

And so on. Smile

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