The Fearsome 46's - all things 46 class electric loco

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I've been meaning to create a thread dedicated to the 46 class along the lines of the U-boat thread. In many ways the 46's and U-boats go hand-in-hand. Both were built at (more or less) the same time as a result of the electrification of the western line over the Blue mountains, both served interurban passenger trains, both were finally retired in 1994 - 1996.

Personally i don't have too many memories of the 46's, apart from one or two stand out ones considering the fact I was still very young when the last of them were withdrawn in January 1996. However some of those memories included seeing them at Lidcombe, particularly at night, heading in the direction of the city from Auburn on the main up through Lidcombe station with a long trail of goods/freight, etc, the locos typically looking dirty in the old tuscan livery with yellow whiskers or candy scheme. The other memory which sticks in my mind was heading back west from the city at around 5:30 - 6pm when it was already pitch black. On this occasion I was in the front power car (Comeng) on an S-set which was a limited stops suburban (redfern, burwood, strathfield, lidcombe, etc) and our train, which seemed to be going faster than usual on this occasion parallel raced a pair of 46's (light engine movement) from Redfern to Burwood. I remember them emerging from the darkness and overtaking our train somewhere around Newtown then our train overtook the 46's in return. The same exchange happened once more as both trains went through Stanmore to Lewisham and then the 46's passed us by one more time around Ashfield and they were long gone by the time my train pulled in to stop at Burwood and the stations that followed. At the time I didn't actually know the difference between a Diesel or an Electric locomotive and simply saw them as "locomotives". I could tell though that they were 46's by the distinctive round portal windows which were lit up by the lights inside as well as the lit up headlight in the centre which was like a bright, white nose. Granted this was either in 1994 or 1995 and back then the S-sets still had the old beclawat windows which allowed you to open things up more and you got the rush of wind and could hear the screaming of the motors from the 46's and the S-set and see the pantographs sparking madly on occasion illuminating the surrounding parts of the trains in the dark night sky.

With that all said below I'll list each 46 class member and accompanying information similar to the U-boat thread. I'll update the list from time to time and will also post any photos and videos found of interest in following posts.

For now I'll start with a few of the survivors and when I have time, I will make updates to the thread, with more entries and links to photos/videos of interest.

Hopefully with the successful return of vintage electric rides with the F1 set, somewhere further down the tracks we may one day see 46 class hauled tours as well.

Most of the information below as far as entry in to service and withdrawls was taken from the Railpage website:-

Most of the scrapping information was from information posted by "alcogoodwin", namely on his website

Some additional information was also taken from the SETS website:-

Some further information was also acquired via a report written on the status of the 46 class in the May 1993 Railway Digest

Credit goes to all respective parties, individuals and sources for this interesting and useful information.

For those who want more in-depth information on the 46 class can visit wikipedia or the SETS website, which have things very well covered.

I'm not sure if this thread and the U-boat thread is best suited to this forum or the rail preservation forums...but I suppose it could be moved there if that is the case. Hope you enjoy the thread and if there is any interesting feedback/links/info feel free to contribute! Smile

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