Broad gauge freight trains in SA

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none but metro but i have inside information that the Barossa wine train may be operational after s land buyer touched that he will buy and reopen it well try towards it plus i have seen people clear and re ballast some parts of the track
It is not the weeds etc on the track to the Barossa that is the problem though it is the wooden sleepers which are now way past their use by dates by a long way. What termites do not eat Mother Nature rots away. About the only thing reusable really is the rail on this line the rest would have to be renewed. Ballast would need renewing as well to allow proper drainage of water and to hold the track up securely.

But I doubt you will ever see it though just due to the sheer cost of bringing the line up to a suitable standard to allow passenger trains to run at greater than walking pace, no one wants to spend all day getting to and from the place when a road vehicle can have you there in less than an hour, depending on where you come from that is!

No one want's to spend God knows what on a railway line to simply run a train once or twice a week if that. The cost is just too great!

GWA technically still have a lease on this track so whoever is doing any work on it had better have permission from them to actually do it, if not a trespassing case could come before a court etc here. I am told that a lot of rail companies and track owners for that matter have people at times checking sites like this one for information about different things including trespassing on their property. It is all controlled by companies these days the track that is and even ARTC is a company not a full Govt Dept or like thing!

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