Clapham yards - building usage

  remmerd Station Master

Location: North
Quick question - what is the 'heritage' building at the Clapham rail yards currently being used for - i.e this one?

Is it empty? Storage? Admin for the welding facility?


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  petan Chief Commissioner

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Not sure about present use but a picture of that building was captioned as the enginemen's barracks in Tony McLaughlin's 'Farewell Forever to Yeerongpilly Loco' in the May 2005 Railway Digest. There was a locomotive engineer or similar person's office somewhere as well.
If curious about the history of Clapham and Yeerongpilly rail facilities, especially 1930s and WW2, then this might be of interest

On a very minor note, I realise some call that area Clapham but Clapham interstate transhipment yard was south of Moolabin Creek and the Yeerongpilly Locomotive Depot was north of that creek.
  remmerd Station Master

Location: North
...If curious about the history of Clapham and Yeerongpilly rail facilities
Thanks for the information. You might like to share this information with a local researcher whose flyer I spotted at Holland Park library - see here . Not sure what they're working towards, so over to you.

Still curious about the building's current use...


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