Turning electrofrog points into insulfrog points

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  Cossak Beginner

I have bought electrofrog n scale points how do I turn them into insulfrog points? Iam not doing DCC thanks

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  apw5910 Chief Commissioner

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I've turned insulfrog into electrofrog by trimming away the plastic frog and replacing the rails. Why do you want to insulate the frog? It makes for much worse running.
  dthead Site Admin

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I have bought electrofrog n scale points how do I turn them into insulfrog points? Iam not doing DCC thanks
Best way is to

1. Sell the existing points
2. Buy the insulfrogs

You could just leave them as is but if you want the points to switch electricity like a insulfrog you really want to do the above. Questions like what size locos are you running - to see if you need to worry.

DC or DCC it is not a issue.

David Head
  SA_trains Deputy Commissioner

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Not sure why you would want to do this. In my opinion, electrofrog are a better, more reliable piece of track.

As stated before DC or DCC is immaterial, plenty of layouts with electrofrogs out there in both power methods.

I'd recommend sticking with electrofrog.

  miktrain Deputy Commissioner

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I have bought electrofrog n scale points how do I turn them into insulfrog points? Iam not doing DCC thanks
Do as David said, sell and buy insulfrogs

Or much better stay with the live frogs, I would run nothing else on any layout regardless of control type. Contrary to many old wives tales there is very little difference in the wiring, and it is certainly not harder. The smooth running is much improved especially with small wheel bases.
Post a diagram of your layout, just a hand sketch is fine, with the desired blocks and holding spots, number and type of controllers and I will tell you where to put the wires and isolation gaps. You will most probably get many helpful suggestions for layout improvements.

In the meantime here is a little light reading for you, some articles I wrote to explain how the wiring was done by me on a club layout

  David Peters Dr Beeching

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Electrofrog points are a little harder to put into a layout you have to be aware where the power feed comes from and in most layout cases that is from the point blade end of the point. You also need to insulate or place insulated joiners on the opposite end of the point. I had a layout with all Insulfrog points and ripped them all out and replaced with Electrofrog ones this was in HO DC by the way. Small 0-4-0 steam locomotives and models with dodgy pick ups would stall on the Insulfrog points but since changing them all to Electrofrog I have had no such worries at all. I would recommend the Electofrog points though especially in N gauge as even a small bit of dirt or gunk can stop a locomotive in that scale! The more live rail you have the better. Also the plastic frogs in Insulufrog points can wear down at an angle and then you get more derailments, with Electrofrog points this problem does not exist.

Like SA_trains said whether you use DC or DCC, Electrofrog points are just as good for both.
  Aaron The Ghost of George Stephenson

Location: University of Adelaide SA
It's actually a little easier with DCC than DC, there is no consideration of where the power feed comes from. Every piece of rail should be live all the time, just need to cut the jumpers under the point, use insulated joiners on the frog rails, and switch the frog.

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