Austrains DL Class marker lights

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Hi all,
       After looking at a DL class before purchasing it, i noticed the marker lights are a bit crazy. 4 whites on the front, 4 reds on the rear.
Surely there must be a fix ? I've searched on google and on here and could not find a single mention of it

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The reason is because the light distributors, which channel the light from the LEDs on the circuit board to the lens of the markers, are a solid piece that have no separation between the red and white LEDs or their corresponding lenses, which results in all four emitting the same colour. Modifying wouldn't be a real simple task, I'd ditch the original distributors and use optic fibre lit with new, better placed LEDs.

When I eventually get to DCC mine i'll probably just butcher the original thing to prevent light projecting into the red marker lense, and then just disable the red LED. Not fussed about having working reds.

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Thanks John makes a whole heap of sense!

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