QR Shunters!

  mrschoochoo Beginner

Hi all

Has anyone moved from a Shunter position with QR to a guard or driver?  Just wondering how common that is and approximately how long it might take to make the move.

Also, any idea how much a shunter would take home (after the initial training period)?  Has anyone worked in this area and would they recommend it?

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  Boozled86 Beginner

Sorry for the late reply. Its very common. Alot of shunters progress to guard, then driver. But so do alot of customer service jobs. Its harder to replace a shunter than someone who does customer service i think. They earn anywhere from 80k with a little overtime to 95k but you gotta work for it my friend says.
  Boozled86 Beginner

And there no timeframe. It all depebds when they advertise for guards and how good you can interview

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