V-Set replacement contract announced

  simstrain Chief Commissioner

I don't really know how wide these new trains are supposed to be but I would suggest they are more likely to be 3 metres and not 3.1 metres since that would make them wider then an S set and as wide as old single deck trains. Oscars are 3.034m wide like waratahs and mbugs and the tangara's are actually 3 metres wide and one of these widths makes more sense.

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  SydneyCider Locomotive Driver

Another article:-


Sydney Trains have also posted a video on their facebook (Aug 9) about the changes which will need to be made to bring the Blue Mountains line west of Springwood in line with rest of the system.

I guess this was inevitable really...once the V-sets would be retired this was going to have to happen unless new trains were built to the narrower specs similar to the V-sets. I think the general thought process is that this particular bottleneck should not impact/limit the train design either now or into the future, especially when the other 2 intercity lines (south coast and central coast/newcastle) have no issue with the wider trains, which do bring advantages such as wider/larger vestibules to reduce narrow choke points, larger toilet blocks, etc and are much more friendly for the disabled.

I guess another question is whether services in the region will be bolstered through "local runs" using suburban stock such as Waratahs? Something like a Penrith-Katoomba or Springwood-Lithgow type run?

Furthermore, will all Oscars be "suburbanised" as the Tangara G sets were or will some be kept with their toilets intact to help "make up the numbers" and bolster services with the new intercity trains?

Will be interesting to see what comes of all this.
  Transtopic Junior Train Controller

According to yesterday's SMH, the new IU trains are 3.1m (10' 2") wide and are too wide for most of the Blue Mountains.

The extra width may allow for 2+3 seating in stead of 2+2 seating.
I doubt that's correct.  More likely to be closer to 3m similar to Oscars, but still too wide for a limited number of pinch points between Springwood and Lithgow.  The specs clearly state, supported by visual graphics, that the Intercity trains will have fixed 2+2 seating.
  SydneyCider Locomotive Driver

Fears over lengthy delays to track work to Blue Mountains line

  GeoffreyHansen Minister for Railways

Location: In a FAM sleeper
None of the online information seems to say anything about Mount Victoria station. Does it need any work done?

Mount Victoria is a curved through platform can an Oscar like train actually fit through it?
  Throughwestmail Junior Train Controller

Mt Victoria requires the most work to bring it up to standard. It has to be almost completely rebuilt( the track not the station).

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